Film Store - Video / Camcorders

Digital and Video Editing

Digital and Video Cams
Panasonic Ag-a850 
Multi-Event Edit Controller
Jvc Rm-g860u
Editing Controller (RS-422/45 Pin) A/B Roll
 Panasonic Ag-a96 
Multi-Event Edit Controller
Panasonic Ag-a350 
Editing Controller
Applied Magic
Applied Magic Screen Play
w/120gb Drive
Roland Dv 7 Digital 
Video Workstation
Casablanca Kron 
W/80 Gig Hd, DVD Burner
Laird Dvora Media Engine Turnkey System. Avid Xpress.
Videonics Powerscript 4000 
Studio Character Generator
Videonics Firewriter Dv 
Character Generator
Videonics Studio 
Sketch Titler
Datavideo TBC-4000 NTSC
Four Channel Stand Alone Time Base Corrector
Wj-mx20 Digital A/V Mixer
Panasonic Ds-555 
S-vhs Editing Vcr 
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