Casablanca Kron W/80 Gig Hd, DVD Burner Casablanca
Casablanca Kron W/80 Gig Hd, 
DVD Burner

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Item Includes
Kron main unit, Arabesk DVD writer with DICON fast-burning technology, Blank dvd-r, Trackball, 80gb Hard-Disk, Manual, Training video (vhs), Installation SmartMedia, Registration-Card, Cable pack, IEEE 1394/i.Link/Firewire
Real Time Transitions- When we say "real time," we mean real real time. Our real time transitions are 60 fields, 30 frames per second and they are beautiful.

DVD Authoring is available now with Arabesk DVD authoring system for the Casablanca Kron.

Kron main unit: Arabesk DVD writer with DICON fast-burning technology
Blank dvd-r
80gb Hard-Disk
Training video (vhs)
Installation SmartMedia
Cable pack
IEEE 1394/i.Link/Firewire

Software: Main program for editing, audio editing, effects and titling (Currently OS 1.8)
Arabesk DVD 1.2 with DICON technology
Different effects for transitions, image processing and titling
Different fonts for titling
Bluebox Effect (Chroma-Key)
Bonus Effects
Extra Smartcard featuring usable demo versions of every Avio upgrade software package.

A large selection of effects are included with every Kron. Various options, depending on the effect used, allow for nearly unlimited effect options. Below is a listing of all of the standard effects for Kron:

3d Mosaic 3d Stripes Bars Bluebox Circle Wipe Color Fade Crossfade Double Exposure Field Changer Gate Page Clap Page Turn Picture in Picture (basic) Random Lines Rectangle Wipe Scale Stripe Fade
Image Processing Effects:
Binarizer Color Depth Color to Grey Control Color Control Image CVBS Filter Doubler Dynamic Range Flip Lineart Mirror Mosaic Negative NOP Out of Focus Rectangle Relief Sharpen Solarize Spread White Balance Zoom
Titling Effects:
Fading V-Scroll Horizontal Scroller IN/OUT Fading Pages Moving pages Pages Through Fading Pages V-Scroll
New Scene options:
Black Color Colorbars Countdown Pattern
Video Special Effects:
Backwards Clipboard Jitter Quickmotion Scene->Sample Slowmotion Still Scene
New Audo Sample options:
Silence Sine Wave Sound
Audio Special Effects:
Copy Mono Mute NOP Swap Volume Volume LR Width
New Fonts
Playback on most standard consumer DVD players
Selectable from the 10 projects
Creation of a DVD menu with selectable title, background and reference pictures
Every title can be divided into chapters selected from any scene of your project
50 subject-related photos and textures (Digital Juice) for your menu design; you can also choose from all other installed pattern and colors
Picture quality of your choice (different quality levels)
More than 2 hours running video using standard picture quality and compressed audio on a 4.7 GByte DVD
Create as many copies as you need
Read any DVD created on your system to produce additional copies at any time
Supports DVD-R (write once, playable with nearly every DVD-player)
Supports DVD-RW (multiple use, only playable with more modern DVD-players)

Technology Arabesk DVD writer with Dicon 1:1 fast-burning technology
Processor AMD-K6-IIIE+ 500 MHz Processor
DV in/out IEEE 1394/i.Link/Firewire
Monitor Video monitor and VGA monitor ports with 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution
Hard drive Internal 80 GByte IDE hard drive
Interfaces External SCSI interface
RS-232 interface
Compression Full IBP frame-accurate MPEG-2 editing
Effects Realtime 2D effects
Preview Options Instant preview screen
Full-screen, single-frame preview, with image processing controls and before-and-after split screen
Titling Enhanced titling capabilities
Audio Six stereo audio tracks (may be infinitely increased via Scene function)
Realtime audio effects and adjustments
Audio scrub, with waveform display
Output Selectable range for finished output Output to tape, DV or DVD