Jvc Rm-g860u Editing Controller (RS-422/45 Pin) A/B Roll

Jvc Rm-g860u 
Editing Controller (RS-422/45 Pin) A/B Roll

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1 AC Power cord
When you get down to the basics, the purpose of an editing controller is really quite simple. To make professional quality editing easier. This is exactly what the are RMG 860U does. A step up from traditional cuts only controllers,the full featured a/b roll editing controller is designed to meet the tough requirements of professional sand other high-performance editing suites. It's designed to do without making things any tougher. Easier step up and easy use, the RMG 860u has the features you need for high-quality, professional standard a/b roll editing. Like independent search/jog dialsfor players and recorded. Time coding referencedediting capability. A pair of general-purpose interface ports. And a full set of 45 pin and RS422 9 pin connectors for flexible system configuration and operatation.

The RMG 860U has a complete range of professionals standard editing functions and no frills design, it will make a powerful yet cost-effective addition to any editing suite.

a/b roll editing can be achieved with two feeders. These feeders can be operated simultaneously. Linking a special effects generator between the feeders and the editing recorder allows you generate a variety of effects such as wipes, dissolves and crossfadeswith both the a and b source tapes running simultaneously.

the two independent search and jog dials can have selected control of either a or b machines, or both together while the other controls recorder. Maximum search speeds correspond to those available on the connected units. The recorders Jog dials can also be used to set program duration, in and outs points and G. P. I advance pulse timing from the gpi ports.

the built-in 9pin serial and 45 pin parallel remote control interfaces are provided for each connected unit, permitting the integration different types of the VCRs. For example you can use professional s decks task feeders or recorders or 9pin MII VCRs or even in both types together. Regardless of the configuration, the full capabilities of each unit are always available.

In addition to CTL referenced editing time code referenced editing is possible in the nine pin serial mode. In conjunction with to the SAF911U 45/9 pin interface unit with built-in time code reader/generator, even 45 pin VCRs can be used.

Separate eight digit counters for each player and recorder provided independent indication of edit data in either the TC or CTL mode. Error messages can also be displayed.

Up to four player counter readings can be temporarily held in memory for quick recall and transfer to the current edit register. Data for the last executed edit is also retained in memory for instant recall on the record display at any time while setting new data.

2 GPI pulse outputs allow automatic triggering of a special affects generator/video switcher and an audio mixer. Pulse output timing can be set independently of edit in points.
A/B roll editing with two feeders
Independent search/jog dials for players and recorder
9-pin serial and 45-pin parallel remote control interfaces
Time-code-referenced editing
Three 8-digit time counters
Time counter and last-edit memory
Two GPI ports for control of SEG and Audio Mixer
Variable preroll times (3, 5, 7, and 10* seconds) with selectable capstan bump function
Preview function
Review function with selectable out-point-only capability (cut editing only)
Go-To function (can operate all three VCRs simultaneously)
Edit point trim and cancel
Auto and Run Edit modes
AUX mode for independent recorder operation when editing from and external source
ALL STOP button
Can be installed in a standard 19" rack
Power Source AC 120 V , 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 24w
Operating Temp. 0C to 40C (41F 104F)
Operating Humidity na
Dimensions 430 (W) x 99 (H) x 311 (D) mm (16-15/16"x3-15/16"x12-1/4")
Weight 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs.)
VCR Control PLAY FF, REW STOP, PAUSE/STILL, SHUTTLE SEARCH, REC EE, JOG, EJECT, REC, EDIT EDIT (recorder side only)(recorder side only)
Editing Mode Assemble and Insert
Edit Accuracy Timecode-referenced in capstan bump mode: 0 frame (depending on VTR) referenced in capstan bump mode: 2 frames (depending on VTR)
CTL-referenced in capstan bump mode: 2 frames (depending on VTR)
Ref Signals SMPTE time code or CTL pulse
Time Counter Counter reading display: up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, 29 frames (TC/CTL 24-hour display) from -9 hours to 9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, 29 frames (CTL 10-hour display) Total program time display: Maximum 11 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, 29 frames
Connectors Connectors:AC IN:3-lead
Composite sync 0.2 to 5.0 Vp-p
Composite video 0.5 to 2.0 Vp-p,75 ohms, negative sync, unbalanced
Video switcher: harmonica connector
Audio mixer: harmonica connector
Connectable VCRS KR-M820U/KR-M800U/BR-8600U/BR-7700U/CR-850U/CR-600U, BR-S811U/BR-S611U/BR-S810U/BR-S610U: Direct or via SA-F911U recorders:KR-M820U/KR-M800U/BR-8600U/CR-850U: Direct BR-S811U/BR-S810U: Direct or via SA-F911U