Jvc Rm-g860u Editing Controller (RS-422/45 Pin) A/B Roll

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Applied Magic Screen Play 
w/120gb Drive

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Item Includes
1 AC Power cord
ScreenPlay is a remarkable video editing appliance that does one thing, and only one thing well. Edit Your Video!

ScreenPlay is a turnkey, PC-free editor featuring high-quality digital video and instant real-time performance. Therefore, the potential for hardware and software incompatibility and conflicts are eliminated. And that's not all, 95% of ScreenPlay's functionality is real-time with the exception of a few complex transitions and optional effects. Save time creating content and less time waiting.

ScreenPlay meets the editing demands of professional editors while offering an intuitive user interface that is inviting and easy-to-use. ScreenPlay is ideal for creating broadcast productions, including cable access programming, documentaries and news programming, and it is also used extensively for creating educational, training, wedding, corporate and education videos.

ScreenPlay's proprietary software offers 12 storyboards, 130+ customizable transitions,10 special effects, 21 color effects, white balance and much more. A variety of optional effects and third-party software packages are available for even greater creativity and flexibility.

ScreenPlay features broadcast digital quality video (DV-1394); a CD-ROM for importing audio, digital photos, graphics and true-type fonts; headphone and microphone connections: PC-MCIA slot, a 60GB hard drive; and 5 levels of capture quality.
Video Connections 2 S-video (Y/C) 2 Composite, Digital I/O (DV-1394)
Video Out Connections 2 S-video (Y/C), 2 Composite, SCART, VGA, RGB, Betacam YUV (NTSC) SMPTE YUV (PAL), Digital I/O (DV IEEE-1394)
Audio In RCA, VCR L/R, Camcorder L/R, Aux Audio L/R, 1/4 Microphone
Audio Out RCA, VCR L/R, SCART L/R, 1/4 Microphone
Audio Format 16-bit Stereo
Internal Video Format 16-bit YUV capture 4:2:2 ITU-BT.610(CCIR 8\610)
Compression Technology Wavelet (hardware codec)
Compression Ratio Variable 5:1-25:1
Highest Picture Quality Broadcast/ DV IEEE 1394 3.5 hrs (Broadcast Quality) 9 hrs (Home Quality)
System Format NTSC 525/60 Hzr Pal 625/50Hz
Time Code Format VITC, MIDI MTC, DV timecode
Internal Hard Drive 60 GB
Flash Smart Media PCMICA Interface
Media Entry & Access 48x CD-ROM drive
Transitions 130+ Customizable
Special Effects 10 Individual
Color Effects 21 Individual