Roland Dv 7 Digital Video Workstation Roland
Roland Dv 7 Digital Video Workstation.

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Mouse (PS/2 port), AC Cable, i.LINK Cable, CD-ROM (software), Owner's Manual
DV-7 is a digital video and audio editing system complete set of professional tools made easy. A full range of core editing functions for video creation and a fast and efficient working environment.

DV-7 Digital Video Workstation uses the same native DV format used by digital video cameras. Connect a digital video camera to the DV port, and transfer audio and video without any loss in picture quality. DV-7 also records analog audio and video in DV format, and after editing there is little discernible difference in quality.

Real-time processing DV-7 was built to be a highly productive machine. Edits, titles and effects used to require rendering time, slowing your project down. Since DV-7 is dedicated to audio and video editing, eliminate the wait, avoid unnecessary compression and immediately view the results.

DV-OUT-RT allows for direct digital video monitoring. Easy to use Just switch the power on and you have the video-editing environment at your fingertips. DV-7 provides all of the tools for loading video and audio, creating titles, editing, processing, and output of the finished job in one integrated package.
Preview Monitor Quickly and easily see your results in this window.
Material Window Video, Audio, Effect, and Title Materials are shown here.
Detail Window for triming Effect Window Transition Effects Filter Effects Composition Effects Audio Effects Editing Buttons Graphical Editing buttons for shortcuts. Add Marker Move to Previous Marker Move to Next Marker Add I-Point Add Out-Point Split Delete Copy Paste Undo Editing

DV-7 supports both storyboard and timeline editing views. With Storyboard editing set editing material in a sequence and view clips back to back. Timeline editing view shows video and audio clips represented by bars proportionate to the length of the material. Timeline editing allows multi-track editing using titles, effects, audio, and video tracks.

With DV-7 it is a simple matter to match video cuts with the beat of an audio soundtrack or a narration soundtrack.

Transition Effects DV-7 control flexible transition effect, frame by frame on the level graph. Dissolve Basic Wipe (6 types) Alpha Wipe (100 types) Page Turn Transition Effect Setting Window Alpha Wipe Patterns (100 types) Composite Effects Chroma Key Luminance Key In addtion to the above, Picture-in-Picture, Crop, and Double Explosure are installed. Mono Tone Colorize Posterize Two Titling Tracks Create text with a monochrome or gradation fill, or apply a texture such as wood grain using the paint function. Set the text body, edge, and shadow transparency. Standard font sets included. Texture : About 45 styles installed

DV-7 also has a mixer function that controls the volume of three stereo tracks in real time, and is equipped with audio effects such as reverb, equalizer. Voice Arranger, can control the time, pitch and formant of narrations and other soundtracks, and freely
Input, the DV 7 is equipped with two DV terminals fronts and rear, two analog video terminals, two audio terminals, and a microphone terminal as standard equipment.
Output it has two DV terminals and two analog video terminals. It is compatible with a wide range of video sources including home use camcorders such as high8 and camcorders equipped with I link IEEE1394 firewire.
Professional-level video quality that will satisfy the standards of 3CCD-camcorder users
Advanced audio and video editing functions to meet the needs of professionals
Native DV format recording / editing
i.LINK interface for DV import & export
Video/Title/Audio multitrack integration
Real-time processing
Audio based editing
Unique title creator

Internal video format ITU-BT.601 (CCIR.601)
Compression format Native DV
Compression ratio 1/5 compression.
Sampling resolution Video ITU-BT.601(CCIR.601)
720x480 (NTSC)
720x576 (PAL)
Audio 16-bit/48 kHz
Number Of Tracks Title 2 tracks
Video 2 tracks
Audio 3 stereo tracks
Functions Transition effects, Filter effects, Composite effects, Audio effects, Titler, Material Creation
Hardware Data media60GB internal hard disk drive (approx. 250 minutes)
CD-ROM drive.
Power supply/consumption AC 117 V (100 W)
Dimensions 430(W) x 451(D) x 169(H)mm (16-15/16" x 17-3/4" x 6-5/8")
Weight 11 kg (24 lbs. 4 oz.)