Videonics Firewriter Dv Character Generator


Videonics Firewriter Dv 
Character Generator

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The FireWriter Character Generator is FOCUS Enhancements latest breakthrough in video character generation. We have borrowed many of the best features from our TitleMaker and PowerScript product lines, and added a IEEE-1394 (i.Link, FireWire) Input and Output.

In other words, we've done it again! FireWriter delivers high-resolution,17.5 anti-aliased titles in a million colors. Add in the ability to assign text attributes such as font, color, shadow, outline, and size on a character by character basis and the FireWriter CG spells "Winner" all the way!

FireWriter uses digital video technology to produce high quality letters with smooth curves and sharp edges. It boasts sub-pixel, 17.5 ns resolution. Your sources and your MXProDV support the IEEE-1394 interface, and now so can your character generator! FireWriter supports full transcoding between analog and DV inputs and outputs. All outputs are always active. When creating your titles, outlines, backgrounds, and borders, you can select from over a million colors giving your titles a unique one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Choose from 26 built-in scalable fonts. Mix attributes on one line so that each character can be enhanced with its own unique drop shadow, font, font size, and color quickly and easily.

Special effects for transitions between title screens include cuts, fades, wipes, rolls, crawls, and more. Each effect can be executed at eight different speeds.

Built-in Ethernet support makes it easy to add FireWriter to your network. Using industry standard TCP/IP protocol and FTP commands you can save projects and graphics on your computer then import them back to FireWriter easily and quickly. Want to download and play projects directly over the Internet? It's a snap with FireWriter!

Titles can be superimposed over video, full color, gradient and JPEG graphic backgrounds. 256 levels of transparency can be assigned to characters, outlines, shadows, and colors independent of each other to create state of the art titles. With FireWriter's on-board flash 16,000 character memory, you can store multiple projects or hundreds of pages. FireWriter's on-board flash memory even stores your projects when the unit is unplugged. FireWriter's preview output allows you to create and edit title pages without interrupting the incoming video signal. Preview pages instantly before going live.
IEEE-1394 (i.LINK, FireWire) I/O
High Resolution titles: 17.5ns, anti-aliased characters PAL: 720x570, NTSC: 720x480
Built-in Ethernet using TCP/IP and FTP commands
Drop shadow, outline, borders, and variable character spacing
Over a million colors apply separately to letters, outline/shadow, background and border
20 special effects (fades and wipes), 8 speeds including scrolls and crawl
Mix fonts on a single line. Each character can have a different font, size, color, shadow, and 256 levels of transparency
Multiple play modes: Play a pre-arranged program with different settings for each page; play pages manually (slide show); play a sequence repeatedly (video bill board); play one page
Keyboard includes special and foreign characters such as , , o, , etc.
Includes pictorial characters (heart, bullets, etc.) and elegant "curled" quotes
GPI trigger input allows remote trigger of titles from external controller
Compatible with all video sources and tape formats
On-board flash 16,000 character memory

Video Input (Y/C;RCA)
Video Output (Y/C;RCA)
Audio Input (RCA)
Audio Output (RCA)
Digital Input 4 Pin IEEE-1394 (i.LINK, FireWire) I/O
Digital Output 4 Pin IEEE-1394 (i.LINK, FireWire) I/O
Serial In yes
Networking Built-in Ethernet using TCP/IP and FTP commands
Video Effects 20 special effects (fades and wipes), 8 speeds including scrolls and crawl
Colors Over a million colors - apply separately to letters, outline/shadow, background and border
Sampling 13.5 MHz, 8-bit quantization
Horizontal Resolution Digital: 500 TV lines
Analog: NTSC: 480 TV lines PAL: 570 TV lines
Gain unity
S/N Ratio Digital: 80dB
Analog (Y/C and Composite): greater than 54dB
Conversion 13.5 MHz: 4:2:2
Audio DIGITAL 2 Channel Mode Sampling:16-bit, 48 kHz Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz S/N Ratio: 85dB
4 Channel Mode Sampling:12-bit, 32 kHz Frequency response: 20 Hz to 14.5 kHz S/N Ratio: 80dB
Power requirements 110 VAC, 60 Hz supply included
Dimensions 4" high x 12" wide x 9.5" deep (100mm x 300mm x 240mm)
Weight 3lbs. (1.4kg)