American Gem 2006 Short Screenplay Competition - BON VOYAGE, MR. HICKEY
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Stuart Creque

Runner Up

Stuart Creque
of Moraga, CA
Comedy/Erotic/Film Noir

Stuart is an accomplished writer and has completed six feature-length screenplays of various genres: FIRERIDER, UNHAPPY ENDINGS [2nd Place winner, 3rd annual Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition],
THE BALLAD OF TOM DOOLEY, DOC, THERE IS A SEASON [official selection, Beverly Hills Film Festival 2006] and  TIME AND AGAIN [winner, Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay, The Indie Gathering 2006]. He has also written a number of short scripts, including AUTONOMY [winner, 2006 An Abbreviated Screenplay Contest]. Stuart holds a MBA (with Honors) in Marketing from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, and he studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley.


I knew I wanted to be a screenwriter.......  

About 12 years ago, when I finally decided to write down a story in screenplay format and saw that the result was good.

I know I've succeeded.......  

because of the respect and feedback of other writers, because of contest recognition, and because I finally feel comfortable writing screenplays.

My inspiration to write BON VOYAGE, MR. HICKEY.......

was an assignment in a writing workshop to write a comedy that included a phone, a stripper, and the nickname Smooch. It occurred to me not to call the stripper Smooch, and when I created a heavy named Smooch, the rest of it fell into place.




FilmMakers Magazine: What inspired you to write?

Stuart Creque: I had a story in my head that I thought would be an ideal episode of The Outer Limits – only that show went off the air in the mid-1960s. When it was revived on Showtime, I decided to write out my story, and even submitted it to the series’ producers. Though it wasn’t accepted, I was hooked on screenwriting.

FilmMakers Magazine: How did you prepare yourself to write your first script? 

Stuart Creque: I bought books on screenwriting, including Cole & Haag on format, and joined screenwriting groups, both online and in real life. Plus I had a lifetime of watching movies and TV and reading and watching plays to give me some direction.

FilmMakers Magazine: Is this your first script and how long did it take you to write BON VOYAGE, MR. HICKEY?

Stuart Creque: It is not my first script. It took me a couple of days to put together the phone, the stripper and Smooch, but the actual writing took me about four hours.

FilmMakers Magazine: Do you have a set routine, place and time management for writing? 

Stuart Creque: I write best at night, but my routine isn’t set. I write in bursts and often write best under deadline pressure.

FilmMakers Magazine: Do you believe screenplay contests are important for aspiring screenwriters and why?

Stuart Creque: I believe in contests’ worth because they let new writers’ work be seen by many people at once, and they give an independent assessment of the quality of the work to producers who might otherwise not have the time or inclination to read new submissions.

FilmMakers Magazine: What influenced you to enter the American Gem Short Script Competition?

Stuart Creque: I had Bon Voyage, Mr. Hickey and other short pieces on hand and felt that American Gem would give me a shot at showcasing them to the industry.

FilmMakers Magazine: What script would you urge aspiring writers to read and why?

Stuart Creque: I read All About Eve in an issue of Scenario magazine. It’s one of my favorite movies, and the script evokes the world of the theater as a cutthroat place of intrigue, completely the opposite of the oasis of culture most people think it is. The characters are real people and their interactions are also real.

FilmMakers Magazine: Beside screenwriting what are you passionate about and why?

Stuart Creque: Seeking some way to achieve peace in the Middle East (in fact, I wrote a screenplay about it).

FilmMakers Magazine: Who is your favorite Screenwriter and Why?

Stuart Creque William Goldman, because his work spans The Princess Bride to Butch Cassidy to Marathon Man – such versatility!

FilmMakers Magazine: Name the director you would love to work with and why?

Stuart Creque: Tim Burton, because he creates unique new worlds in each of his movies.

FilmMakers Magazine: Name the actor you would love to work with and why?

Stuart Creque: Hugh Laurie, because he can transform himself into almost anything.

FilmMakers Magazine: Any tips and things learned along the way to pass on to others?

Stuart Creque: Learn to be your characters – experience the story through their eyes.

FilmMakers Magazine: What's next for you?

Stuart Creque: Spec script sale or possibly making an independent feature.

FilmMakers Magazine: Where will you be five years from now?

Stuart Creque: Writing screenplays and making movies full-time.

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