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I want to say that we have been in initial contact with Fox regarding Frijolito, Go! and would like to thank you very much for opening that door. 

Tony Mosher and Mitch Larson


"Angela's Decision" was picked up by Australian director Mat King. It is in pre-production now and is being filmed in Australia beginning on January 30, 2006. I don't think this script would have been requested for a read if it hadn't been for placing in your contest. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! For giving this opportunity to screenwriters and short scripts in particular. And thanks for putting the screenwriter first. This is the only short I've written. I've written several features, and one of those has been optioned twice now. I am looking for an agent now and I think because of this short being produced, it will certainly help. This director also is a pro and does quality work, so I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity. Thanks again!!! ....
Update 2007 - - "Angela's Decision," has been produced in Australia by award-winning director
Mat King. It is now making the film festival rounds in 2007. It has received a Gold ACS Award for Best Cinematography from the Australian Cinematographers Society. It received Honorable Mention in the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival for Best Feature. One of the film's songs, "Run
To Nowhere," composed by Christopher Slaski, was a finalist in the Garden State Film Festival's film music competition. And it's on to the Phoenix Film Festival next. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for the film. (In some festivals it is considered a short and in some it's a feature due to its length of 48 minutes.) Thank you for your competition. It really does mean a lot to screenwriters to receive recognition, which in my case resulted in getting the script produced.

Gena Ellis


My journey with American Gem has done so much for helping me realize my own dream. I feel like I can make it, writing for a living... After I completed The Gardener, I felt that the script actually had a voice. I researched online for the best short screenplay contest. You guys are it!

Musa Jackson


American Gem’s intentions are genuine. Few contests honor the short script form the way they do. They don’t present themselves as a “fly-by-night” kind of organization by any means. And to have the chance to compete and have your short produced is too good to pass up.

Angie M. Comer


I really wanted to thank you again for hosting such an unbelievable contest. This has to be one of the best out there. I know a lot of screenplay contest winners that I have met from around the country and your prizes blow everyone else away... I enjoyed the Expo and met a Manager with Arpil Entertainment that I hope will offer to represent me soon. He's currently reading my stuff.

Ron Bramhall


I had been looking for a professional and highly renowned screenplay festival—like the American Gem Short Screenplay Competition—to submit my story. I am honored that you have chosen my screenplay. Thank you.

Hiroshi Nakajima


I felt it was the type of competition that would show respect for aspiring screenwriters and their work. 

Michael Ugulini


When you’re as amateur as I am, I think it works as a great morale booster. Since this was my first screenplay, I considered making Top 300 a miracle. Even if you don’t win anything in the end, any kind of feedback (negative ones motivate you, positive ones let you believe in your own potential) offers the best help an aspiring anything can get... I entered this contest for my first rejection slip, but I guess the best laid plans often go awry.

Hyemin Koo


...when a contest offers a chance for your story to be produced, or to meet with producers and/or agents, it’s a great opportunity for an aspiring writer!.....

I wanted to start entering some of my work into feature screenplay contests and started looking around the web. During my search I came upon information on The American Gem Short Screenplay Competition which had received good reviews at moviebytes.com, and which offered impressive awards to its winners. I never considered entering a short script contest before that.

Bruce Smolen


I think contests like this one are a great way for writers to get their work evaluated while they are still in the process of honing their craft and clarifying their voice. It's exciting to enter a contest, but it doesn't feel like so much of a gamble that ordinary writers can't apply... I honestly never expected to make it anywhere near this far along in the contest. I'm very thrilled.

Hannah Sanderson


I entered American Gem primarily because of the testimonials on the web-site. It's important to hear what others say, and there are numerous positive statements about the competition and it's affect on careers. Secondly, the prize range in the American Gem competition is one of the best. It has real depth by offering numerous prize levels. Many contests offer a large first place prize then nothing after that. There are some that don't even offer honorable mentions or semi-finalist levels. These things are important as boosts to the soul when one is slugging it out through another 10 page day.

Marc Calderwood


With this being my first experience with any script competitions, I wanted to send my screenplay into one that I could trust. With FOX's name attached to it, there was a great sense of reliability. Also, reading some of the great things that people had to say about the American Gem contest was really encouraging.

John Rhym


Entering your short screenplay competition has been wonderful, and being a
finalist has been great for my CV. Thank you SO much and hopefully I'll have a
kick-butt sci-fi ready to enter the film festivals that you'll recognize.  Hopefully, this script will be my calling card for features!....  a producer already picked up my script and funding has started to come in. I should be directing it in March...
Thanks so much! It was wonderful to be recognized, I'm sure it's helped with
raising the funding and production of the script!"

Patricia Harris Seeley


My 5th place in the American Gem this year has gotten me a lot of script requests which I am extremely happy about. Hopefully something good will come from one of those requests... I read that you were promoting the winning scripts as part of your ongoing result promotion and was intrigued to learn more about your efforts... I have optioned the script 'Donor' to Heaven's Gate Films of Northern Ireland....  another direct achievement leading on from your competition! The 5th place result definitely helped the script land into the right hands!!!

Benedict R. Fancy


My script Found Money was only an Honorable Mention in the first American Gem, but that little bit of credibility helped get it read by a casting director and then professional NYC actors who eventually signed on to make the film. Found Money has now screened at four US film festivals, no small feat since there are now over 3,100 short films being considered in the circuit. 

Charles Valenza


I want to thank all of you for having this contest! It was such an honor to be in the top 10! This was the first script I had written, I'm thinking about turning a short story I've just completed into a short script......we'll see! Thanks again! 

Jennifer D. Bandrup


Thank you so much. The contest has been so exciting for me, and gives me hope in so many ways.

Greg Shih


Your contest rocks!!!

Gary Davidson


This contest is a great stepping stone and will inspire writers from all walks of life.
Keep up the great work.

Jhon Williams


I truly appreciate your time and effort on my behalf. I have nothing but the nicest things to say about your company.

Jason Panaro


You made me very happy this week. I checked to see if my agent contact information is listed as you promised and there it was! ON PAGE ONE, too. I showed it to my family and friends who are published writers and visiting for the weekend... The Chinese say the smile you send out returns to you. Here's smiling at you. 

Tom Galvin


Congratulations on your second year of an exciting contest that continues to offer writers invaluable exposure and contacts.

Spencer Beglarian

Thanks for taking the time to review my screenplay. It was exciting to be apart of the contest. This was my first foray into the field of screenwriting, and it was encouraging to know that someone was listening. I hope to enter again with a more polished, concise and marketable product. Please keep me informed of further contests.

Carolyn Miller





American Gem Short Screenplay Competition


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