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Evolution of a soul creating - How To Grow A Fig Tree

By Michael Stapolli
Jan 12, 2007, 08:21

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On the set of "How To Grow A Fig Tree"
Evolution, an unfolding process of change in a certain direction. For Richard Ciro Signorelli, this is a simple definition of a word that bridges his gap between life and imagination.

For Signorelli, life is a period of existence on earth from birth until death with a series of core rules and regulations that we use to survive in-between. Imagination is a sacred place deep within the human soul unforged and ungrounded which helps us through our life. The lucky ones have parents or teachers that help them to find this place.

A first generation Sicilian American, Signorelli was born in Brooklyn, New York. It is his Sicilian heritage that is the certain direction of his evolution. It is in essence the torch that sheds light and helps give his path a sense of clarity brought on by a moral code handed to him from his family and ancestors. His Sicilian heritage is also the torch that is always lit and is the constant reminder of the secret place every human has, their imagination.

On the set of "How To Grow A Fig Tree"
The smell of food floating in a hallway, the rumble of an elevated train reminding him of the old neighborhood, the raw natural odor of a tomato plant growing in the hot summer sun, or just the very thought of his Grandfather doing anything, all of these feelings are childhood memories. All of these feelings, and thoughts, are instantaneous vessels of transportation to the most important place on earth, our souls. The home of imagination, where evolution never stops even in thoughts of death. An inward journey in a certain direction that evolves to a higher level in an almost religious experience. The lucky ones understand this. This is the birthplace of Signorellis '
“How To Grow A Fig Tree.”

"How To Grow A Fig Tree," began in 1999 as a short story. The stories direction was to explore love and it’s place on earth. Rather than love on a conventional level (i.e. girl/boy) Signorelli looked at it from a different aspect. The concept of how life between its two pillars of existence, birth and death, is absolutely meaningless without love. With this in mind, he placed it in the unconventional point of view of a Grandfather looking at his rather troubled Grandsons young life. This point of view gave the "girl meets boy" story a secondary plot line as opposed to its usual place in the foreground of most love stories. A love story exploring the meaning of love in life rather than the reaction between two people.

After becoming committed to this idea, Signorelli formed Milkplant films with partner Shawn Callahan. They set out to make a film. They created a short film based on the original short story. It was this short film that eventually led them to Arbo Pictures and it’s talented founder, director Michael J. Arbouet. Together these three gentlemen seven years later have set sail on the evolution of “How To Grow A Fig Tree.”

After spending an enormous amount of time handpicking each member of the cast, destiny had truly felt like it set in. What was created was an ensemble cast of such talent and drive that “How To Grow A Fig Tree” is becoming a film packed with an energy that touches every color of emotion with a resonating intensity. The story is alive.

An enticing story about a grandfather, a grandson and very tender lesson in love. An urban coming of age movie set with and Italian backdrop. From street punks and violence to an old mans fig tree in his backyard, this film can promise an emotional experience that will warm hearts and instill fear while examining what can happen when the raw emotions of a human being loses control, even for only a moment.

An outward journey filled with violence and action and an inward journey of the soul, where the answers to life lay dormant, like a child playing hide-n-go-seek is waiting to be found. This film will send you on a journey inward where anyone willing can learn how to grow a fig tree.
The cast and crew of "How To Grow A Fig Tree"

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