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“Indy Director Duo makes Trilogy” Campy Splatterfest Ignites Onto DVD

By Bruce Seymour, Jon Gorman
Jan 4, 2008, 10:02

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PLAINVILLE, CT –December 2007- Blood Bath Pictures a Connecticut based gore-comedy factory launches with Bikini Bloodbath, a campy splatter-fest, in the vein of Scream and Scary Movie. Blood Bath Pictures was founded by Jon Gorman and Thomas Edward Seymour to enable bleeding edge independent productions on the East Coast. The two filmmakers wrote and directed all three of the current Bikini Bloodbath franchise. Part two: Bikini Bloodbath Carwash is slated for a July Release and Part 3: Bikini Bloodbath Christmas will be available next Christmas. Bikini Bloodbath, Part 1 which pays homage to 80’s horror movies is now available on DVD.

“It’s Superbad meets Fiday the 13th,” comments Sheri Lynn, the movie’s producer. “It provides a debut for a lot of young female actors in very funny roles,” says Sheri, “It’s one of the few films being released with a predominately female cast that’s not labeled a ‘chick flick’.”

Leah Ford makes her on screen debut as Jenny the movie’s heroine. The film also debuts, Anna-Karin Eskilsson, Katie Gil, Natasha Nielsen, Olja Hrustic, Dana Fay Ensalata, and Maggie Champagne. The film stars Debbie Rochon, Leah Ford and Russ Russo. Rochon is cult legend having starred in over 150 films. Russ Russo is known for his work in the CT filmed movies A New Wave (John Krasinski, Lacey Chabert; ThinkFilm 2007), and Land of College Prophets (York 2005).

Bikini Bloodbath is the story of Jenny who on her last day of high school decides to have a slumber party to celebrate her friends going away to college. Across town, a maniacal chef goes on a killing spree. Their gym coach (Debbie Rochon) attempts to the rescue of the bikini clad group, but when Chef Death (Robert Cosgrove) shows up at the party, hilarity ensues and the blood bath begins.

“The soundtrack is also something I’m proud of,” says Seymour. “It’s a compilation of local musicians, many from local label Sling Slang Records.
. Indy film is the perfect medium for indy music.”

Bikini Bloodbath was an attempt to create a film that was purely entertaining and fun. Inspired by the films of Mel Brooks, Roger Corman, and Loyd Kauffman, “It’s an absurd comedy,” says Gorman, “if you’re looking for meaning, look elsewhere.”

About Blood Bath Pictures
Blood Bath Pictures is an independent production company specializing in teen horror features. BBP is comprised of a group of prolific and creative filmmakers: Thomas Edward Seymour, Jonathan Gorman, Sheri Lynn & Bruce Seymour. BBP producers have won dozens of awards for their features and shorts. Blood Bath Pictures is located in New Britain Connecticut and was founded in 2005. Additional information can be viewed at


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