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Vicious Circle

Drama/Independent Feature
The intriguing story of Stacey; a mulatto girl abandoned by her mother at the age of three, whose father and grandfather were pimps. Stacey's father goes from pimping, to smoking crack, to serving life in prison for murder, leaving behind his only daughter that he would kill or die for. Stacey falls into the lure of fast, easy money, fine clothes, and the illusion of love created for her by a pimp. As she experiences the vicious life of street prostitution, she discovers for herself that "All that glitters is not gold"; and that the so-called life; is nothing but a generational cycle of negativity.
Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
120 m English Renee Roland Crystal Taylor
Production company Ice Woman Entertainment
717 15th Street
Richmond, CA 94801
United States
Phone: 510-233-8471  Fax:
Contact Name Crystal Taylor
Contact Phone 510-233-8471
Web Address
Producer Crystal Taylor
Cinematographer Christopher Pierson
Music Various Hip Hop and R&B Artists
Editor To follow
Production Design To follow
Cast Various Hip Hop Artists 
Some top named Actors 
Film distribution is open to the following markets  Video, TV, and Internet
Film Agent Crystal Taylor
Film Agent Phone 510-233-8471
Film Agent Fax 510-236-0484
Production Start 10/1/1
Production Year 2001
Budget $ 4,250,000
Film format 35mm
Film Sound Dolby SR
Film Video Type
Director Bio and Credits
Producer Renee Roland is known throughout the film industry as a producer that specializes in $1 million - $2 million budgets and is credited by her peers as having the ability to increase production values. (see attached biography below)
Screenwriter Bio and Credits In 1998 Crystal Taylor formed Ice Woman Entertainment as a company that fosters the talents of producers, directors and screenwriters. The company also has a division that specializes in music composition and production. (see attached biography below)
Number of Reels 1
Director's Biography
Producer Renee Roland is known throughout the film industry as a producer that specializes in $1 million - $2 million budgets and is credited by her peers as having the ability to increase production values. On her latest film project THE STORYTELLERS, which she served as the sole producer and line-producer, she increased the production value tremendously. The actual budget was $1 million but the distributor (actor Steven Seagal’s company, formerly Seagal-Nasso Films now Steamroller Productions), estimated the film’s budget to be in excess of $3 million and marketed it as such. (see attached biography and information on her most recent film project)

As a result of her existing relationship with the production crew, equipment houses and post-production facilities, Renee was able to drastically increase the film’s onscreen production value in the technical sense. She even incorporated state-of-the-art green screen special effects and 50’s style rear-screen projections, prompted by The Storytellers’ director James Hickox’s brilliant vision.

In addition, Renee has an excellent relationship with top industry agents and celebrities’ managers, which allows her access to an excellent cast and visionary directors and production designers. Her latest film starred film legend, Tippi Hedren (of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Marnie), Academy Award Nominee Brad Dourif (from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Urban Legend), Zach Galligan (star of Steven Spielberg’s Gremlins 1 & 2), Craig Wasson (veteran film actor from Brian De Palma’s hit Body Double and Ghost Story), Michael Worth (star of the upcoming film Navy Seals 2 and TV’s Acapulco H.E.A.T.), Mitzi Kapture (star of TV’s Silk Stalkings and the international hit Baywatch), along with hilarious cameo appearance by TV’s John Bloom, better known as “Joe Bob Briggs” (star of TNT’s Monstervision, Late Night with Joe Bob Briggs and Joe Bob’s Drive In).

The film, The Storytellers, was released at the Cannes Film Festival 2000 and made the cover of several Cannes Magazines. As a result of the distribution hype surrounding the film, the feature made back its initial budget expenses within the first year of release! Based on Renee Roland and the director’s history, the distributor picked up the film for distribution before it was even completed. The distribution company’s president, Phil Goldfine, agreed to market the film after only seeing three days worth of dailies (raw film footage). Usually, it takes a film at least 18 months from the date of delivery to even see a sale, but because of the high-quality production value and the solid distribution, Renee’s film was way ahead of the game.

Furthermore, Renee Roland has an open door to many film distribution companies which all confirm their interest in seeing any future projects that she is involved in. This open door policy insures that Ice Woman Entertainment’s films will have their pick of distributors. 

(NOTE: see attached Letters of Interests in the Distribution Section from Steven Seagal’s company, STEAMROLLER PRODUCTIONS at Warner Bros., and, INDEPENDENT ARTISTS, the distribution company for the feature film comedy hit, Love Stinks)

She is currently the head of productions for the independently financed Da-Lin Films based in the Ray Arts Studio in Encino, CA. She continues her pursuit of three other independent projects.

To her credit are several feature films, videos, CD-Rom, specials, commercials and short films. She is excellent behind the camera as a producer as well as putting it all together as a line producer. She is an expert in making low budget films look like bigger budget studio pictures. 

Among these independent film projects are the Dee Wallace Stone (Cujo), Christopher Atkins and Stephen Furst entitled Deadly Delusions, a mystery thriller. At the beginning of this year, she completed the coming-of-age feature film Ride, a snowboarding feature sponsored by Sony Playstation, Ride Snowboard Equipment and Red Bull Energy Drink. She also co-produced and starred in the 1940's film noir Joykiller, which has received critical acclaim on the film festival circuit.
Screenwriter's Biography
In 1998 Crystal Taylor formed Ice Woman Entertainment as a company that fosters the talents of producers, directors and screenwriters. The company also has a division that specializes in music composition and production.

Crystal Taylor, Founder and General Partner of Ice Woman Entertainment has contributed to the alternative Hip Hop/R&B music scene as a singer/songwriter, with a number of independent projects currently circulating in the underground rap scene. With her skills as a music talent and businessperson, merging this music division with her new film venture is a natural progression. Music and film go hand in hand now more than ever. From a creative standpoint to a business standpoint, one compliments the other.

Besides Taylor’s screenwriting and musical talents, she also brings to the table an extensive background in business development and recruiting for major companies in Northern California that have been quite successful. It is through her entrepreneurial drive and ambitious tenacity that she has brought together an exquisite combination of individuals from the film business, with the knowledge, the connections and above all the ability to get films made.

Note from the Author: 
Vicious Circle is a two-hour feature film that takes a hard look at the business of prostitution, and the psychological ramifications “the life” imposes on the family unit. Vicious Circle is a film depicting urban life. Scenes are demonstrated first in an early 60’s setting through to modern day with a poignant message that crosses racial and social lines. It is not a documentary, however is based on a true story about the generations of breakdown in a family unit so commonly witnessed.

Prostitution is big business. Pimps actively seek and recruit very young girls and boys to work the sexual marketplace. Statistics show that there are over 300,000 prostitutes between the ages of 11 and 17 in the United States alone. We are dedicated to supporting non-profit youth programs such as Urban Uplift and Children of the Night, a program based in Van Nuys, California that rescues children from the ravages of street prostitution. Our hope is to emphasize the need to break the cycle of negativity.  

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