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The Hitt-Maker

Film Trailer
Drama / Digital

This story depicts how: 1 Bad Decision Could Change Yo'life 4-Ever" 

Running Time


98 English


Screenwriter Balln Big Producer
C.L.Woodson II C.L.Woodson III


This story depicts how: 1 Bad Decision Could Change Yo'life 4-Ever" The story of an ex-con who trys to change his life but the pressure from his friend pulls him back to the other side of the road. Faced with many temptations 'Quik' must decide which way to go.
Production Company:

Balln Big Entertainment
P.O. Box 76451
Milwaukee, WI 53216
United States

Web Address:
Cinematographer: Lamarvin Cistrunk
Music Composer: Balln Big
Editor: Lamarvin Cistrunk
Production Design: C.L.Woodson III
Cast: C.L.Woodson III
Keisha Ingram 
Terry Love
Contact Name: Cecil Woodson
Contact Phone: 262.544.8980
Contact Fax:
Film Agent: Cecil Woodson
Film Agent Phone: 262.544.8980
Film Agent Fax:
Production Start: 10/01/1998
Production Year 2001
Budget: $15000
Film Format: DV Cam
Film Format Ratio:
Film Sound: Mono
Film Video Type: DV
Number of Reels:

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video No
Television yes
Internet Yes
International yes

Director Bio and Credits

First full length Urban Hip-Hop drama. Produced several hip-hop rap acts.

Director's Film School

Screenwriter Bio and Credits

First screen play to make it to completion in film form. Many other Urban dramas as well as comedies and gospel scripts.

Film achievements / News
Awarded 'Underground film of the year 2002'

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