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True Story. Young psychiatrist commits himself to a mental institution to study schizophrenic patients.
Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
80 m English Mike S. Cecotka Mike Cecotka
Jacek Glebski
Damien Varn
Production company Hollywood Sunrise Studio
70 Dixfield Dr. #611
Toronto, ON M9C 4J4
Phone: 416-695-4303  Fax: 425-740-7698
Contact Name Mike Slawomir Cecotka
Contact Phone: 416-695-4303
Web Address
Producer Mike S. Cecotka
Cinematographer Mike S. Cecotka
Music Chris Hopkins, Nathan Fleet, Ernest
Editor Tommy Ferris, Elena Nanez, M.S. Cecotka
Production Design
Cast Adam Basquill
Gary Fischer
Eric Michael White
Hugh Lambe
Robert Richards
Film Distribution is Open  Video, TV, Internet, International, theatre
Film Agent
Film Agent Phone
Film Agent Fax
Production Start 2000
Production Year 2001
Film Format Digital DVD
Film Format Ratio
Film Sound
Film Video Type

A young psychiatrist - Andrew Majer wants to better understand schizophrenic patients. He commits himself to a mental institution as a patient. Only two people are aware of this experiment: Professor Walas - who has been Andrew's mentor and inspiration throughout his academic years; and professor Ziminski - Chief Psychiatrist where Andrew is "hospitalized".

Over the next few months, strange things happen to Andrew. Then professor Ziminski dies of a heart attack, and professor Walas leaves the country and then....


Director Bio and Credits
Mike Slawomir Cecotka - Polish-Canadian, internationally recognized short movies filmmaker. "Schizophrenia" is his feature directorial debut. 
"I have seven more books,I want to adapt to a big screen and I don't want to spend next fourteen years doing that. That's why I decided to shoot and edit with original music score, entire movie in 60 days. After the success of this movie I want to put multiple projects in pre-production at the same time." 

"Daring ideas are like chessmen. Moved forward, they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game" - Goethe
2001 - "Schizophrenia" - 80 minutes feature
producer, director, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer

2000 - "Experience the thrill" - 3 minutes corporate action suspense
director, screenwriter, editor, cameraman

2000 - " Kill or your money back" - 5 minutes commercial spoof
all positions as listed above

1996 - directed 3 Polish Program 1/2 h each for Rogers Cable 10

1995 - "Serve and protect?" - 3 minutes drama

" Desire" - 30 seconds commercial spoof

" White Darkness" - 3 minutes drama all positions as listed above

1989 - "Dirty Work" - 3 minutes drama; produced in Poland director, producer

1984 "This is not America" - 9 minutes drama
screenwriter, actor Short biography of the director
Screenwriter Bio and Credits Jacek Glebski - born in Poland in 1963. Writer, journalist and screenwriter. University graduate - journalism - University of Warsaw "Schizophrenia" is based on his award wining book "Treatment" (original polish title "Kuracja"). 

Other screenplays by Jacek: 
1. "Riot" based on his book "Criminal" (original polish title "Kryminalista"- directed by Feliks Falk, 2000)
2. "Octopus' Children" (original polish title "Dzieci Osmiornicy") TV series about polish mafia (directed by Grzegorz Krolikiewicz, 2000)
3."Hit" and "Campaign" - action movies. He is looking for North American publisher. 
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