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Raspberry & Lavender

Comedy/Fiction Feature

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Glamour, Beauty, Wealth & Passion


"Raspberry & Lavender" is a romantic comedy drama about a seventeen year old
wealthy teen named Taylor Williams the third (Dylan Edrington) meeting his dream "lavender" girl....Mandi Carson (Bree) for the very first time at his new school, Seaport-Greene a very prestigious coastal community called Seaport-Greene Estates. Ever since Taylor was young, he would often imagine meeting a perfect girl, which he calls her the "lavender girl"....because he kept having a quick premonition vision of her. The imaginary "lavender girl" is always wearing a lavender dress.

Well, as Taylor Williams III (Dylan Edrington) attends the school for the first time, he is surprised to see that Mandi Carson (Bree) is in his business education class (Mr. Dodson's class). Mandi Carson has perfect blue-green eyes, auburn hair, and she always wear lavender color clothes...even her notebooks are lavender color... Taylor becomes good friends with Kaspar Vanderhoffer (A.J. Bakker) and Mandi as Mr. Dodson instructs them to be in a group to work on a business project together.

Taylor, Mandi, and Kaspar decide get together by baking homemade cookies to raise funds for the school project. Kasparís 14year old little brother named Randy Vanderhoffer (Andrew Martin)...a whiz kid decides to join in by helping them with the formula to make better cookies. The teens begin to experiment by adding raspberries and lavender flower into the cookie dough.... 

They take their homemade cookies to the local bakery called The Pastry Dish Bakery. Langwood Lee (Johnny Kim) a junior assistant manager in training decides to sell and market their home made Raspberry & Lavender cookies to the customers. Soon all the customers are requesting for more Raspberry & Lavender cookies because it brings them a good luck. The cookies are selling like hotcakes...making the bakery and teens rich! 

Unfortunately, Frank Whitworth (Tim Colceri) a marketing executive who works for Milton's Fabulous & Delicious Crispy Cookies decides to offer the teens (Taylor, Mandi, Kaspar & Randy) ten thousand dollars for their secret ingredient but sharp teens refuse to sell them their formula.

After many unsuccessful attempts, Frank Whitworth (Tim Colceri) decides to hire Kaspar's high school buddies Sergio Martinez (Oz Sanchez) and Travis the rocker (Jamisin Mathews) to steal the secret formula away from the cookie teens.

After losing their secret formula, the cookie teens find out that their Raspberry & Lavender cookies are not selling at all.... because it has lost its magical powers.... so they give up selling them. 

Meanwhile, the wealthy Taylor Williams III (Dylan Edrington) falls in love with his dream lavender girl, Mandi Carson (Bree) who comes from a lower middle class. Mandi doesn't realize that Taylor comes from a very wealthy family until her rival jealous classmate Kara Van Dael (Gloria Balding) reveals the truth
about Taylor and his wealth to Mandi.

Taylor must go through tremendous obstacles trying to make Mandi to become his girlfriend.... his father, Mr. Williams (Sam Bologna) objects Taylor dating a poor girl like Mandi and would rather want his only son to go out with a rich snob girl like Kara Van Dael (Gloria Balding).

Kara Van Dael (Gloria Balding), the extremely jealous rich snobby girl and her another best snobby rich friend named Chloe Jahanpour (Wendy Cardiel) will try anything to break up their (Taylor & Mandi) relationship....

At the end of the movie, Laurie Milton (Deenie Castleberry)...the rich daughter of Mr. Milton (Roger M. Eaves) the C.E.O. of Milton's Fabulous & Delicious Crispy Cookies.... feels bad for their classmates so she teams up other classmates including Sergio Martinez (he later changed his mind because he felt bad) to get their formula back from her father Mr. Milton (Roger M. Eaves) and Frank Withworth (Tim Colceri) to the teens (Taylor,
Mandi, Kaspar & Randy).

There is a happy ending because the teens get their secret formula back and they are back in cookie business selling Raspberry & Lavender cookies and Taylor Williams and Mandi Carson are together forever... 

The reason why the title of the movie is called Raspberry & Lavender is because: Mandi Carson (Taylor Williams III's dream lavender girl) always wears lavender color clothes and she is obsessed with the lavender color and raspberries are her favorite fruit...

The cookies the teens sell are called Raspberry & Lavender Cookies...

Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
100 English and Dutch Johnny Kim Johnny Kim & Samantha Lee
Production company Dereko Entertainment LLC.
9663 Santa Monica Blvd. #722
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
United States
Phone: 877.340.9774
Contact Name Johnny Kim
Web Address
Producer Johnny Kim and Samantha Lee
Cinematographer Kirk Douglas (II)
Music Justin Born and sound All Sound Pro Audio (Matt Walsh & Klint Macro)
Editor Kirill Davidoff
Production Design Tony Young
Cast Dylan Edrington
Bree Conden
A.J. Bakker
Gloria Balding
Andrew Martin
Film distribution is open to the following markets Theater, Video, TV, International, Internet
Film Agent Samantha Lee
Film Agent Phone 877.340.9774
Film Agent Fax 877.340.9774
Production Start 4/98
Production Year 6/17/2002
Budget $ 1,500,000
Film Format 35mm
Film Format Ratio 1:85
Film Sound Stereo
Film Video Type
Director Bio and Credits
Johhny Kim was born on September 25, 1968 in Seoul, Korea. However, he grew up in Singapore and later emigrated to United States in 1976. His family first settled at Garfield Heights, Ohio then moved to Daly City, California in 1978. In mid eighties, Johnny graduated from Westmoor High and begin to study art at College of San Mateo. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. In 1994, he landed a cameo role as Seaman Chulso Lee in Outbreak and as a Newscaster in Independence Day (Credited as Derek Kim). He began to work as an intern and a production assistant for various films studios. In 1999, he began to collaborate with James Nam, a Hong Kong actor/director. Johnny produced and worked as a first assistant director for Impact Zone and Secret of the Five Fingers. In 2001, he collaborated with producer Samantha Lee and started work on a romantic teen comedy called Raspberry & Lavender, which is based on his original comic book created back in 1994.
Director Film school 
Screenwriter Bio and Credits
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