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Two insane brothers from bible-belt USA pray so hard they get a visit from their beloved Virgin Mary.  Unfortunately, "Mary" is actually an alien impostor bent on collecting human pus by the bucket-loads to fuel her spaceship, and these two lunatics are the perfect "workers-for-Jesus" to carry out her evil deeds. Included are many hilarious musical numbers and lots of low-budget gore. Music by Ant Farm, Sisyphus Autopsy, the Lust Wall, Hemroid Hank, Browniehead and many more! 
Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
105 English Lisa (Houle) Hammer Lisa (Houle) Hammer
Production company The Blessed Elysium Motion Picture Company
PO Box 245
Prince St. Station
New York, NY 10012
United States
Phone: 212.
Contact Name Lisa Hammer
Web Address
Producer Lisa (Houle) Hammer
Cinematographer Lisa (Houle) Hammer
Music Lisa and Eric Hammer, Terrence Fleming
Editor Lisa (Houle) Hammer
Production Design Eric Hammer
Cast Eric Hammer
Terrence Fleming
Brian Sullivan
Walter Prince
Madeline Virbasius
Film distribution / Available Markets Theater, Video, TV, International, Internet
Film Agent Lisa Hammer
Film Agent Phone 212.274.0871
Film Agent Fax
Production Start 04/89
Production Year 1989
Budget $ 500
Film Format usper-8 b&w
Film Format Ratio
Film Sound Dolby A
Film Video Type VHS
Director Bio and Credits
Lisa Hammer is a prominent NY underground filmmaker. Her films have toured the U.S. and the world, screening at festivals, galleries, clubs, and on TV. Her feature film Pus$bucket, from the Broadway Musical, was shot entirely on black and white super-8 film and then released on video. After a healthy public screening run, including a few near-riots, Pus$bucket now resides in the midnight movie sections of Tower and other video stores nationwide, and has been featured on an MTV special. After Pus$bucket, Lisa shot several short, experimental films and videos, including and array of "silent movie" fairy tale films. She then assembled her first collection of these shorts on VHS titled A Night of Marchenfilme which includes: Blessed Elysium Follies, Beauty and the Beast, Adieux, Dames, Empire of Ache, Jorinda and Joringel, and Naughty P.S.A. She is currently in the process of planning her next installment A Night of Marchenfilme II which will include many of the other short films that were not on the first compilation. In 1999, Lisa collaborated with husband Eric Hammer, and partner Ben Edlund (The Tick) to create the film Crawley, which won the silver medal for short films at the 1999 Chicago Underground Film Festival, and landed the three filmmakers on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter. Festival and Gallery screenings have included: The New York Underground Film Festival, The Chicago Underground Film Festival, The Euro Underground Film Festival, The International Surrealist Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film and Video Festival, Festival of Darkness, Antimatter Festival, Kurzfilm Festival, Volcano Festival, Nova Arts Showcase, The Corcoran Gallery, Here Art Gallery, 911 Media Center, Apocalypse Now Showcase, The German No Budget Film Festival, Toronto "Splice This" Festival, Los Angeles Underground Festival, The Big Miss Moviola Tour, The Masters of Super-8 World Tour, and many more. Lisa's films are distributed worldwide in catalogs and stores, and are easy to locate on the web. She often has film screenings, script readings, and media events that are both creative and exciting. She has received funding from: NY Foundation for the Arts,The Media Loft, Experimental Television Center, Drift Distribution and TheEmerson Film Society. She has been a guest lecturer at New York University and Cooper Union.

"Lisa Hammer, the darling of New York's nouveaux noir underground film scene is part "Good Witch of the West", part mad slasher when it comes to her startling and utterly warped brand of "Hansel and Gretal on acid" movie making." 

-Propaganda Magazine 
Director Film School Emerson College
Screenwriter Bio and Credits same as above
Number of Reels 10
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