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Travis Stenton is the owner of a software company which specializes in developing Advanced Software Agents(ASA) for cellular telephones and other wireless devices. After recent terrorist attacks the FCC approved on a policy to lower the transmission power of all wireless devices, hoping that it will help them to better eavesdrop on suspected terrorist communications worldwide. 

Unfortunately this new policy directly interfered with Travis' software business and more important, its bottom line. With this much at stake, Travis convinced a few people in the FCC to review the new policy. In the middle of the investigation a key member of the review board was killed. Meanwhile all across the nation wireless communication companies were failing at an alarming rate. Travis now suspects that there is a force out there that wants the wireless communication industry to collapse. 

It becomes a race against time because his business could be the next to fall. His investigation leads him to a 45-year-old government cover-up that has caught up with the nation and puts all citizens the world over at risk. In his attempts to save his business he is now faced with an unprecedented task of attempting to save a nation. With assassins after him, he takes a chance on discovering what he feared the most: That the individuals that are running our government are not the ones controlling it. Now Mr. Stenton must be extremely aware of the power brokers in his industry and the government.

Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
90 English Marvin Kingcade III Marvin Kingcade III and Dexter Kofa
Production company Runway Image
P.O. Box 22335
Philadelphia, PA 19110-2233
United States
Phone: 215.303.0842
Contact Name Marvin Kingcade III
Web Address
Producer Marvin Kingcade III
Cinematographer Dexter Kofa
Editor Dexter Kofa
Production Design Dexter Kofa
Cast Raw Tuddles
Tahnia Temple
Dexter Kofa
Film distribution is open to the following markets Theater, Video, TV, International, Internet
Film Agent
Film Agent Phone
Film Agent Fax
Production Start 06/05/2002
Production Year 2002
Film Format Digital
Film Format Ratio 16/9
Film Sound 16mm
Film Video Type Hi-8
Director Bio and Credits
Director Film School
Screenwriter Bio and Credits
Number of Reels
Film achievements / News
GeoSync Sci-Fi

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