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Killer Me


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Joseph Sturgeon awakes one morning, hands covered in blood, a badly infected wound on his ribcage. He doesn't know what happened. The last thing he remembers from the previous evening is rage, his neighbor, the nightmare again. 

Anna, desperate, lonely, follows Joseph, hoping to make a connection. She finds him mysterious and driven. An awkward courtship begins. 

Killer Me is a mysterious, unsettling film that gets inside your head with a gritty, first person feel recalling low-budget shockers like Peter Bogdonovich's Targets and Michael Powell's Peeping Tom. 

Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
80 English Zachary Hansen Zachary Hansen
Production company Killer Me Films
12340 Rochester Ave. #226
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States
Fax: 310.820.8633
Contact Name Zachary Hansen
Web Address
Producer Farine Yeganegi, Ferran Viladevall
Cinematographer Neal Fredericks
Music Zachary Hansen
Editor Zachary Hansen
Production Design Chris Wright
Cast George Foster
Christina Kew
Kirk B.R. Woller
Garth Wilton
Chuck Martinez
Film Distribution / Available Markets Theater, TV, International, Internet
Film Agent
Film Agent Phone
Film Agent Fax
Production Start 03/01//1998
Production Year 2001
Film Format 16mm
Film Format Ratio 1.66
Film Sound Dolby A
Film Video Type
Director Bio and Credits
val, Chicag
Director Film School CalArts
Screenwriter Bio and Credits ZACHARY HANSEN (Writer, Director) While growing up in the eclectic southwestern city of Tucson, Hansen shot his first film, a Peckinpah-esque animated sci-fi short, at the age of 10. After crewing feature films in Arizona and assistant editing in Los Angeles, he attended film school at The California Institute of the Arts. There, Hansen experimented with different ways of both visually and aurally expressing film, making short videos with experimental jazz musicians as well as delving into abstract filmmaking. At Calarts, Hansen became obsessed with bizarre and extreme films from the 60's and 70's and turned this passion into a cable show called Great Exploitations on CH8, the school's infamous closed-circuit station. CH8 has a tradition of zero censorship and Hansen pushed it to the limit by showing such films as the banned Cannibal Holocaust, and Radley Metzger's semi-hardcore sadomasochistic masterpiece The Punishment of Anne. A lovable, foul-mouthed bear, a puppet named Arthur Panda, would introduce each film. Hansen shot Killer Me his final year at Calarts.
Number of Reels 4
Film achievements / News
Telluride Film Festival - Premiere
Methodfest - Winner Festival Director's Award 
Hamptons International Film Festival - nomination for Golden Starfish

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