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Fake Fur is Growing on Me

Drama/Fiction Feature


A tale of woe and betrayal set in an ever-changing New York landscape tells of a reunion of sorts between a fashion model and her baglady mother,

Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
141 m English Simon Grome Simon Grome
Production company Virago Films
335 west 20th street 
NYC, NY 10011
United States
Phone: 212-631-3604
Contact Name Simon Grome
Contact Phone 212-631-3604
Web Address
Producer Simon Grome & Celeste Hastings
Cinematographer Simon Grome & Doug Shannon
Music Tom De Sisto 
Editor Simon Grome & Celeste Hastings
Production Design Simon Grome
Cast Angela Rawlinson
Micheal Drake
Peter Stack
John Kelly
Peggy Lewis
Film Distribution is Open  Theater, Video, TV, International, Internet
Film Agent
Film Agent Phone
Film Agent Fax 
Production Start 12/09/1988
Production Year 1991
Budget $ 80.000
Film Format 16mm
Film Format Ratio Multiple
Film Sound Dolby SR
Film Video Type 1 inch
Director Bio and Credits
Duality on a High Wire, John Kelly performance artist 1994 ; What do Prostitutes Dream Of? 1996; In the 17th Century;Komar and Melamid 1997; Ladakh Airwaves 1999.
Screenwriter Bio and Credits Fake Fur is Growing on Me 
What do Prostitutes Dream Of?
Number of Reels 34
Film achievements

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