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Bounty Hunters


Project status: funding
Three young Bounty Hunters chase after a drug dealer and get into the tensions between the US western drug mafia and the FBI...


“BOUNTY HUNTERS” is the explosive story of three young men who lost their families in early childhood, under the most hideous conditions. It is the story of three young men who, while escaping their horrific childhoods, also escaped from themselves. They met in an orphanage as children and became friends for life. With a common pact of hatred directed at all human souls who’ve been tarnished by evil and illegality, they joined as blood brothers, in a mission against crime and criminology, themselves becoming as hard as the perpetrators they seek...themselves becoming merciless, cold-blooded Bounty Hunters. 
Morning. Somewhere in LA... 
After the special police squad storms an old storehouse and the most wanted drug dealer in the SouthWest, Joseph Fulder, shoots an innocent man and his wife in front of their four year old daughter, the three young bounty hunters, John Brennock, Bradley Nedrailou and Randy Caderson, strategically begin the chase after him. 

Just after finding another victim brutally murdered in an apartment, they catch a trigger happy suspect who they coerce into talking. He reveals a huge drug handing-over about to take place in San Francisco. 
Like magnets for their mission, the Bounty Hunters uncover a brutal burglary and rape scene at a gas station on the way to San Francisco, which allows the real hate to come over themselves. Merciless, burning, hard hate. 

The Bounty Hunters burst into the unsuspecting drug dealers at the handing over, missing Fulder by a hair, and angering the Western drug Mafia. Killers are set on the hunters, but this only inflames their anger. They’re able to shift the balance of power in their favor and receive enough information to continue their pursuit of Fulder’s large scale drug operation. 
Armed with these new leads they head to the villa of Frank Stelldon, one of the hugest dealers and fences of the US western drug trade. The Bounty Hunters storm the villa and turn the palace into a war zone, suddenly surprised by the arrival of the FBI. The FBI mission, it so happens, had been planned for months as a decoy to bring Stelldon down and out of operation, but during the gunfight the Bounty Hunters have unknowingly killed the only living evidence who would act as an informant in court. Due to their unprofessional overzealousness and bloodthirsty tactics of fighting crime, the hunters now become the hunted, on two major fronts, the FBI and Western US drug Mafia. 

With no one to turn to, with both extreme sides of the law hunting them, the Bounty Hunters must dig deep into their promise to fight to the end for their purpose, and nevertheless, against all odds, to continue the pursuit of their original goal... The chase after Joseph Fulder... 

Los Angeles in the morning... 
The ancient ghost of the city knows its children, and hears their silent screams. He breathes into their souls and prepares a path for them... 
Dark vibrations keep watch over the ebb and flow of life in the city and keep all this secret suffering and the unfulfilled hopes hidden behind the houses... 

Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
125 m English Christian Pichler Christian Pichler
Production company Eagle Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA 
United States
Contact Name Eagle Entertainment
Contact Phone
Web Address 
Producer Christian Pichler / Neil Babins
Cinematographer not announced
Music not announced
Editor not announced
Production Design not announced
Cast Christian Pichler
not announced
not announced
not announced
not announced
Film Distribution is Open  Theater, Video, TV, International, Internet
Film Agent
Film Agent Phone
Film Agent Fax 
Production Start 2002 
Production Year 2002 (Project status: funding)
Budget $1,200,000
Film Format 35mm
Film Format Ratio
Film Sound Dolby SR
Film Video Type
Director Bio and Credits
Christian Gerald Pichler, was born in Austria/Europe. Growing up in a small, isolated village in Austria he always dreamt about using his creativity to make films. During his school education Christian Pichler educated himself by reading textbooks and helping out on different film sets in Austria. 
He was always fascinated by films and the emotional might of a film on a human being. He wanted to create movies which convince. With a digital camera he started to film different short sequences, played with the light, just to create the most convincing and fantastic atmosphere. 
Christian likes to write since his early childhood. Still in his elementary school education, he started to write his childish fantasy ideas on paper. With the age of 12 years, he wrote short stories and sequences, but just after a long writing education with the help of screenwriters and textbooks he was able to write his own short films. 
Christian graduated from the Business Academy Wolfsberg in Austria. After he finished his duty as austrian citizen in the austrian army, he worked for the local TV station ORF in Austria. 
He spent the last three years to write the emotional and explosive story "Bounty Hunters". Within this time he also launched some other feature-scripts, like "Judgment Day" (Science-Fiction) or "Mankind's secret" (Adventure). 
"Bounty Hunters" is his first own feature film project. 
Within the last 10 years Christian Pichler was also able to get education and knowledge in different departments on a filmset. His credits include Production Assistant, Extra, Grip, Key grip, Camera Assistant, Assistant Director, Director as well as Producer. His most successful shortfilm is "Strange Seizure" (Writer, Director).

Filmography: "Strange Seizure", "Silence", "Peroxide Blonde", "Expired", "Idle", "Jack and Elaina", "Birth of the Vampire",...
Screenwriter Bio and Credits
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