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Blood Kiss: Soul of a Woman

Film Trailer
Blood Kiss: Soul of a Woman
Drama / Digital

Only the ones you love, will betray you. 

Running Time


80 English


Screenwriter Alex P. Michaels Producer
Alex P. Michaels Sylvester Dunlap


Beth thinks she has everything under control. On her 30th birthday, she decides to be bold and take what she wants. Yet things go wrong when her ex-lover returns offering her a chance at a darker life where one survives off the souls of others.
Production Company:

2847 Ambler Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44104
United States

Web Address:
Cinematographer: Alex P. Michaels and Rufus Malone
Music Composer: Derek Bronston
Editor: Irving Salberg
Production Design: Irving Salberg
Cast: Nina Angeloff
Simon Lovell
Annie Sherman
Tracie Marie
Tiffany Highland
Contact Name: Alex P. Michaels
Contact Phone:
Contact Fax:
Film Agent:
Film Agent Phone:
Film Agent Fax:
Production Start: 8/05/2000
Production Year 2002
Budget: $37500
Film Format: DV
Film Format Ratio: 1.85
Film Sound: mono
Film Video Type: Mini DV
Number of Reels:

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video yes
Television yes
Internet No
International yes

Director Bio and Credits

Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels is working on re-creating the Hollywood studio system in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio with his digital movie studio Prelude2Cinema. He is currently working on a TV series "Out of Darkness" that ties into his other digital features such as Blood Kiss (2002), and his Emmy movie What Angels Fear (1999).

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Screenwriter Bio and Credits

Alex P. Michaels won an Emmy for the TV movie What Angels Fear (1999) which was produced by Dreambuilders and Procter and Gamble.

Film achievements / News
Premiere at the First York Independent Film festival in York, England

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