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Bhavum - Emotions of Being

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Bhavum - Emotions of Being Drama

Streetcar Named Desire meeting Crime & Punishment in post-globalization urban India ­ captures the struggle of consciousness of a young couple. 

Running Time


111 Malayalam - Indian and English


Screenwriter Satish Menon Producer
Satish Menon Satish Menon


JOY, a journalist, and his wife, LATA, a college lecturer, live with KOCHAMMA (Joy’s aunt) and MATTHEW (her middle-aged bachelor son) amid the tranquil surroundings of a coastal village. Lata teaches Dostoevsky’s Crime & Punishment to a series of lackadaisical, intellectually bankrupt students, determined to educate and impress upon them the struggle of consciousness and its impact on their day to day lives. Joy, in contrast, no longer values the honest exercise of his profession for the purpose of disseminating news or truth; easily swayed by a culture of want and desires prevalent around him. However, his priority at home is the happiness of his wife, to whom he's passionately devoted to. Into this equation, Lata's older sister, SUBADRA, arrives for an unexpected visit.

Although Subadra has lived a life of upper-class culture and urban sophistication, her life has been marred with tragedies ­ the loss of both her husband and her home in a seemingly accidental fire. Lata, overwhelmed by her desire to get reacquainted with her sister, invites her to stay with them through the duration of the pregnancy. As they move into their new house in the city, she accommodates her sister’s whims within her nuclear setup. Soon, it becomes obvious that Subadra’s harboring a secret, with no place to go but to her sister with whom she has not maintained a relationship in over eight years. 

At first, Joy goes along with his wife’s desire to incorporate Subadra into their life, but later regrets his choice when he finds himself in conflict with his carnal desire for Subadra, coupled with the illusion of having to compete with her for his wife’s affections. Meanwhile, professionally, Joy is unconsciously tempted into a Faustian bargain to defend the role of private corporations to manage and operate public utilities in the state. Despite Lata’s disappointment and dissent, he uses his newspaper in manufacturing a need, facilitating a debate and inevitably achieving consent through a corrupt political process. In return, he is assured a steady job and an income that elevates his life to adhere to the images of excess around him. The resulting intellectual and lifestyle divide between the couple leads to a slow withering emotional wedge.

Bhavum explores the deterioration of this relationship as they face the truth about Subadra, the manifestation of Joy’s guilt that overwhelms him personally and professionally, and the subsequent fallout that precipitates in the gradual disintegration of the marriage inevitably resulting in degradation and chaos.

Production Company:

Visual Possibility, Inc.
2829 N. Pine Grove Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
United States
Phone: 773.814.1388
Fax: 773.961.0115

Web Address: 
Cinematographer: Sunny Joseph, ISC
Music Composer: Isaac Thomas Kottukapally
Editor: B. Ajith Kumar
Production Design: Shaji Raghavan
Cast: Mita Vasisht
Murali Menon
Contact Name: Satish Menon
Contact Phone: 773.814.1388
Contact Fax:
Film Agent:
Film Agent Phone:
Film Agent Fax:
Production Start: 8/23/2002
Production Year 2002
Budget: $75000
Film Format: 35mm
Film Format Ratio: 1:1.66
Film Sound: mono
Film Video Type:
Number of Reels: 6 (Double)

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video yes
Television yes
Internet yes
International yes

Director Bio and Credits

Mr. Menon is an independent filmmaker based in Chicago. Mr. Menon graduated with a Masters in Environmental Engineer and until recently worked in this field as a consultant. Mr. Menon has written, produced and directed four short subject fiction films and one documentary. He is the one of the Founders/Managing Partners of Visual Possibility, Inc. Bhavum is his first full length feature film. He is currently working on a documentary on battered immigrant women in Chicago entitled Survivors on the Domestic Front ­ Stories of Battered Immigrant Women.

Writing, Producing and Directing

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Director's Film School

Screenwriter Bio and Credits

Same as the Director

Film achievements / News
  • 2002 Kerala (State in India) Film Critics: Best Debut Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound 
  • 2002 Federation of Film Societies of India: Special Jury Mention 
  • 2002 Aravindan Puraskaram: Best Debut Director in India for 2002.
  • 2002 Kerala State Awards: Best Film, Best Debut Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Background Music, Best Editor.
  • Feature Winner - 2003 Keywest Indie Fest
  • Official Selection - Indian Film Festival in LA, Asian Film Festival in Dallas, Cinefest 2003 in Doha, Qatar

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