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Archells Fire

Film Trailer
Drama / Digital

As darkness fell over the jungle; somewhere in Southeast-Asia. A rebel lights his cigarette, an intoxicating smoke filled his lungs as a thermal vision observes his movements.

Running Time


80 English and Latinasian


Screenwriter Charls Kristopher Producer
Christian Bejada Gary Lake Liza


Voice: Target Acquired.

And as the lifeless bodies falls on the ground, unison of whisper is heard.

Unison: kill confirmed, deploying

A series of tear shape pods dropped from above, as the hydrogen & oxygen mixed & forms into water weighing the object it carefully cradling a MATA inside in a liquefied cushion. Then an exchange of gunfire engulfed the camp one MATA was hit. Thinking it was dead the assailant moves toward it in curiosity. But a thrust of a strange object exits his back, creating electrical charge & blasting the body into a charred flesh.

As the chaos settles a shout echo’s through out the jungle.

Unison: Parameter clear, hostage secure.

Pilot: Extracting.

A weird looking airship glides toward them & takes the hostage in its safety, it flew like a sting-ray in the water, fast yet gentle & silent.

Team Leader: Unit, pull out!

They stepped into the pod & as they pulled the cord the water ejects out & hot air fills the balloon lifting them into the sky. When airborne a plane hovers above them & like fisherman it carefully hooks the pods into its belly… a fantasy, think again for fantasy is the innovator of reality.

Production Company:

Igehu Systems & Designs
#5 Abelarde St
Cadiz, N 6121
Phone: 639187968083
Fax: 63322252676

Web Address:
Cinematographer: Christian Bejada
Music Composer: Christian Bejada
Editor: Eric Dosayla
Production Design: Gary Lake Liza
Cast: La Belle
Christopher Ross
Lady of Ancient
PherosDe La Tita
Contact Name: Christian Bejada
Contact Phone: 639187968083
Contact Fax: 63322252676
Film Agent:
Film Agent Phone:
Film Agent Fax:
Production Start:
Production Year 2003
Budget: $7000
Film Format: DV
Film Format Ratio:
Film Sound: Dolby SR
Film Video Type: ntsc
Number of Reels:

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video yes
Television yes
Internet Yes
International yes

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