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In a downtown apartment, a man seals himself in. Steel doors and shutters close off any exit to the outside world. In the apartment he has set up a pirate radio station, various computers, food and supplies to last several weeks without going outside. He has installed a standby generator with oil supplies in the spare bedroom. He has installed surveillance cameras outside in the stairway and in the lift.

He will stay there until he has broadcast his message, until newspapers, TV and the people of the city get his message: The mayor and chief of police are corrupt, they killed his best friend.

A female TV reporter catches on to his broadcasts and WebPages. She contacts him by email and then by cell phone and they develop a relationship, only after she performs certain tasks to prove that she is who she says she is does he trust her to help push his message.

The mayor orders the police to track down the source of the broadcasts, fearing that his part in the murder and the land deal scam will be exposed. He puts pressure on the chief of police and head of the SWAT team, to bring this situation to a quick end, basically to kill the urbanrebel.

The news reporter Heather Fields takes up the cudgel and broadcasts daily updates on the urban rebel's crusade. As the police try to negotiate with the rebel, they find that he has anticipated their every move. What building they will set up their siege post (he has that bugged), what tactics they will use, switching off the electricity, (he has a generator) shutting down his website but he has mirror sites. They shut down his telephone landlines but he has cellphones.

He keeps on building awareness to the situation until the press starts hounding the Mayor about the alleged corruption. The pressure is on. Heather needs hard evidence, not just a WebPages with scan documents and images that could have been manipulated.
The FBI are now interested, the pressure is on, the SWAT team have given up negotiating and start cutting the steel door down with oxyacetylene torches, the rebel has little time left.

Will the urban rebel succeed in bringing down the corrupt local government?
Running Time   Language Director Screenwriter
100 m English Robin Jacob Robin Jacob/Mike Cassey
Production company Tiger Films
#14, 17th Avenue, Murphy,
Cubao, Q.C.
Manila, MM  1109
Phone: 632-439 5602  Fax: 632-437 5713
Contact Name Robin Jacob
Contact Phone 632-439 5602
Web Address
Producer Robin Jacob/Joe Zucchero
Cinematographer Michael Hugo
Music Robin Jacob
Editor Joe Zucchero
Production Design Kine Bautista
Cast Robin Jacob
Ferde Grofe
Paul Holme
Film Distribution is Open  Theater, Video, TV, International, Internet
Film Agent Robin Jacob
Film Agent Phone 632-439 5602
Film Agent Fax  632-437 5713
Production Start
Production Year 2000
Budget $ 800,000
Film Format 35mm
Film Format Ratio
Film Sound Dolby SR
Film Video Type
Director Bio and Credits
Date of Birth: August 19th 1955 FRG
#14, 17th Avenue, Citizenship: British
Murphy, Cubao, Q.C. Tel: (63-2) 439 5602
Metro Manila Fax (63-2) 437 5713
Republic of the Philippines. E-Mail:    
Click here for a more detailed biography
Education Hendon County Grammar School:
O Levels: German, Geography, Physics, Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Biology.
Music, English Lit. English Lang.
A Levels: Pure Maths, German, Geography.
Screenwriter Bio and Credits
Number of Reels 5


1972/74 Won both years at the 'YOUNG PEOPLES FILM FESTIVAL' "Faces" & "Spoof". (National Film Theatre in London.)
1981 Produced & directed pop video "YOU" for the German Band BOYTRONIC.
Aired globally.
1981 Directed documentary and pop video for MUNGO JERRY.
1983 Won award for pop video of BOYTRONIC at the Cannes Music Festival.
1983-87 Consultant for SONY Philippines. Creative and Technical Director.
Responsible for designing and building of studio and facilities.
Consultant to CONSOLIDATED VIDEO (advisors to Presidential Palace TV Network).
Directed numerous pop videos and shows. (See list.)
1987-90 Based in the UK. Produced and directed "Freddie Aguilar, A Child of the Revolution". Won an award at the US Film Festival.
1990 Produced & directed institutional video for SCOTTISH POWER in the UK
Produced & directed for stage and TV 'Freddie Aguilar Live in London"
Produced & directed industrial video for THE WINDINGS STUDIO & SCOTTISH POWER.
1990/91 One of four directors on EUSTON FILMS "Shrinks". Also technical consultant.
1991 Started Tiger Records in the Philippines.
1991 Produced & directed for BMG Records- Smokey Mountain - Paraiso/ The Coconut Song. Aired internationally in over 60 countries.
1992 Directed 'Joey Ayala in Concert".
1994 Started ZAP Records Inc.
1994 Line Produced for NHK Japan- 3 part mini-series- Murderer from a Distant Land.
Line Produced HOT ROCK CANDY BAND for Fox TV/ Sweet Basil.
Directed for TV BMB Kannarie opening night show.
1996 Directed operation Smile location footage for Johnson & Johnson USA 
1998 Line Produced- NCR-Video Coverage for Manila Conference.
1999+ Chief Editor, Imagine Asia Soft Image DS, Trained. Adobe PhotoShop
Producer, director, writer and editor- THE SAGA of JAYA- 20 X 5 Minute Animation, Shadow Puppet Style.
1999+ Producer/Director History of Manila. 2 Part Documentary (2 X 45 minutes)
Entertainment Columnist for Community Publication
2000+ Producer/Director Corregidor- Fortress of Courage (Docu) 
Producer/Director Death March- Soldier Boy (Docu)

1992-96 Sound Engineer for following commercials:

Pocket Bell
San Miguel X-mas
Pepsi Mega
Manila Rhum
Ginebra Kelly
Del Monte Banana Ketchup
Keanes Chocolate
Bank UK Saudi
PCI Bank

Feature Movie
Future War

TV Documentary
AIDS in The Philippines- NHK

MTV's/ Music Show
Freddie Aguilar - Live at the Playboy Club
- Live at the Ultra
- Live in London

APO Plus - APO Hiking Society TV Special
Vernie Varga in Concert
IT- weekly TV music show.
Mungo Jerry in Concert (UK)
Joey Ayala in Concert
BMB Kanarie
Jam Morales- A Taste of Jam

Smokey Mountain- Paraiso
The Coconut Song
Boytronic(Germany) You
Electric Theatre(Germany) Ballet Dancer
Mungo Jerry Heart
Freddie Aguilar- Mindanao
Kumusta Ka
Various other(RP)

Commercial Director(RP)
Rustan's Young VIP
Phoselite B
Tourist Duty Free (Institutional)
Estrada Political
Espina Political
Scottish Power (UK)
The Windings Studio (UK)

Albums Produced

Freddie Aguilar- Kumusta Ka ( 1 million sold in RP. Multi Platinum, Ampex Golden Reel Award)
Live in London
Hear the Music
` Live at the Ultra. Gold Award
Child of the Revolution. Gold Award

Joey Ayala Live in Concert
SPY Best of SPY 
Preno Kaibigan
Cosmic Blah Blah
Sulabama Reggae Blast
Voyager Salamat Kaibigan Ko
The Invaders Ang Sexy Mo.
Emmanuel Isa Sa Atin
Tootsie Guevarra Stranger
Ka Roger Ka Roger 

SPECIAL Save Planet Earth

Additional Various artists.

Books Published:
Father & Sons (UK) Poems.(1983)
Observations and Thoughts that Matter Not (2000) (Poems and Thoughts)
Line-Producer: Hotter Than Hades (Miles Brodie)
In the hadow of the Devil (Miles Brodie)
Lucifer Rising (Miles Brodie)

The Last Painting
Good Friends
Pure Genius
Blue Rock 
Samurai Sunset

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