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The Girls From H.A.R.M.!

They're on the case...for a price! The girls from HARM have to stop Jacob Graven! But what is his plan? To rule the world? Three beautiful agents set out to save the world (and look good doing it). You won't want to stay out of HARM's way!
Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
80 m English Pat Bishow Jon Sanborne
Production company Amusement Films
PO Box 26
New York, NY 10028
United States
Phone: 212-388-2319
Contact Name Pat Bishow
Contact Phone 212-388-2319
Web Address
Producer Owen Cooper
Cinematographer Cameron Mumford
Music Dan Cuddy
Editor Jim Robertson
Production Design Doug Roussin
Cast Tina Lee
Louise Millmann
Soomi Kim
CC Wong
Ary Nunez
Film Distribution is Open  Theater, TV, Internet
Film Agent Owen Cooper
Film Agent Phone 212-448-8299
Production Start 08/1999
Production Year 2000
Budget $ 2,800
Film Sound Mono
Film Video Type beta sp
Director Bio and Credits
Three From The Dead House (1983)
The Soultangler (1987)
Whitewood Crossing (1996)
The Adventures Of El Frenetico & Go-Girl (1997)
The Girls From HARM! (2000)
Screenwriter Bio and Credits The Adventures Of El Frenetico & Go-Girl (1997)
The Galootazoid
The Girls From HARM!
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