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Domestic Bliss

Domestic Bliss


Everything a modern musical should have: singing, dancing, and--puking! Lauded as the first musical shot with the production value of a porno!
Miss Leanne du Fontaine (Walter Prince) is a washed up lounge singer who decides to go back to her hometown and settle down with her high school sweetheart. It's been described as a combination of Pink Flamingos, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Slackers.
Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
57 m English Jean Strong Jean Strong
Production company Jean Strong Films
Brooklyn, NY
United States
Contact Name Jean Strong
Contact Phone
Web Address
Producer Kiya Wilson and Suzanne Zelinski
Cinematographer Andrew Buck
Music Jean Strong
Editor Jean Strong
Production Design Jean Strong
Cast Walter Prince
Kiya Wilson
Bob Mackie
Deb Grohe
Julia Crozier
Film Distribution is Open  Theater, Video, TV, International, Internet
Production Start 9/1999
Production Year 2000
Budget $ 5000
Film Format
Film Format Ratio
Film Sound Mono
Film Video Type Digital
Director Bio and Credits
Jean Strong lived a transient life since graduating from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in 1990 (BA in Visual and Performing Arts and a minor in Creative Writing.) He lived in and slogged through most of the Northeast--Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston, and then Japan(?) and is now in New York City. All along the way he's been writing and recording music, working on independent film projects, and working as an new media consultant. He has
just finished scoring two short films directed by Jose Acosta, and late this summer will be scoring a film for Midwest KammerSpiel Film's upcoming movie "Glass of Tears"; which is currently in production. In September, he will be producing and directing a short film written and performed by New York artist, Colly Carver, based on a modern interpretation of Faust. 
Director - Film school attended University of Maryland
Film achievements
Critics say: We haven't seen anything like this since the Toxic Avenger--Miss Leanne du Fontaine is the new underachiever hero/heroine! It's fast, it's furious--it's Domestic Bliss!  Reached #2 highest-rated film on IFILM.NET! reviewed the music: Broadway musical numbers on crack, as interpreted by Tom Waits' raver niece. Bizarre electronic Polka gives way to cheesy House rhythms, while falsetto vocals squeak out the choruses. 
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