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Action/Cut Seminars
American Gem Short Script Contest
Action Cut Home Study VHS/DVD

Action/Cut Directed By - Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars offers intensive 2-day audio-visual seminars on filmmaking from A-Z in major film center cities across the USA and Canada.

Cinema Arts and Tech - Writing and Producing Seminars.

Create Your Screenplay - Great free resources for screenwriters. Free advice. Over 100 screenplay writing articles. Formatting templater. Screenwriting book "It's All About The Story."  Hosted by award-winning screen and television writer/producer Barry Pearson. 

Hollywood by the Bay Screenwriting Conference - Hollywood comes to the S.F. Bay Area for a special 3-day conference Sept. 12 - 14. Learn the art, craft and business of screenwriting from leading film industry educators, agents, and producers.

Screenwriting Expo - The Screenwriting Expo is the LARGEST Conference and Trade show for screenwriters in the world. - Want to win contests and sell scripts? You need professional level screenwriting skills. Offers high level classes on High Concepts, Subtext, Creating Characters for A-List Actors and others. Also, articles and interviews with producers, managers, etc.

The Independent Cinema Expo - Top Hollywood teachers, authors, filmmakers and experts teach every aspect of the art and business of funding, producing, and selling your movie.

New York Film Academy - Hands-on film school offering 4,6,8 week workshops and an intensive one-year program.

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