Action/Cut Seminars
American Gem Short Script Contest
Action Cut Home Study VHS/DVD

Analyst and Reader Screenplays/TV Scripts - Analyst and Reader of Scripts and screenplays, helping writers and screenwriters with their film scripts, movie scripts and tv scripts.

Fair Coverage: Script Coverage and Consultation Services - Offer balanced, studio-style script coverage for writers. Founded by a former development executive, Fair Coverage provides the feedback writers need before they send their material into the marketplace.

Greenlight Script and Screenplay Coverage Consultation Services Trust the experience of an employed studio professional to focus on areas that need improvement, as well as make suggestions for amplifying your script's greatest assets. Discover what readers are thinking when they evaluate your screenplay, and the reasons they might cite for giving you a pass coverage. 

Pneuma Entertainment - Learn the secrets of writing and selling your screenplay by a screenwriter with 15 years experience, who has sold 6 screenplays to Sony, Universal, Fox, Disney and New Line Studios.

Rainey Script Consulting - Rainey Script Consulting was rated 'Best of the Best' in Creative Screenwriting Magazine's 2003 review of script consultants.

ScriptGuy - Working screenwriter and veteran script consultant providing script coverage and world class story notes for amateurs and A-list writers alike.

Script-fix - Screenplay coverage services and screenplay database. Home of script analysis - offers screenplay coverage services and news about the art and business of screenwriting.

Story & Script Development - Award-winning screenwriter and international script consultant provides in-depth development notes to help you write - and sell - your screenplay.

J.T. Clark - USC alumni, young working screenwriter offers consulting and writing services.

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