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American Gem Short Script Contest
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csweb.ws - Screenwriting web site by Creative Screenwriting magazine dedicated to movie scripts, screenwriting, tv screenwriting, how to write a screenplay and interviews with professional screenwriters.

Done Deal - List of script and pitch sales in Hollywood along with news, contest, contact addresses, reviews, advice, links, interviews, and more.

Empire Screenwriting Resource - The Empire Screenwriting Resource, "How to Write a Screenplay", offers a free soup-to-nuts course complete with exercises.

Flicks on 66/ www.flickson66.com - We select six scripts from submissions and then fly the winners out to New Mexico for ONE WEEK in July to make their movies. We supply all equipment, casts and crews and then screen the movies the final night of the festival.

Hollywoodlitsales.com - Let hundreds of producers know about your material for free on their website. A ton of info.

Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference - Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference (SFeSC) offers a unique opportunity to sit at the feet of and learn from some of Hollywood's most successful writers and teachers. Ideal for aspiring and experienced screenwriters.

Screen Teens - This is a site for youth under the age of twenty-one to learn more about the art of screenwriting and filmmaking.

Screenwriters Utopia: covering screenwriting and screenplays - Interviews with professional screenwriters, screenwriting articles, script sales, screenplays, and script reviews.

Scriptblaster E-Query Service - Scriptblaster will email your query to over 500 producers, agents and managers on your behalf. Assistance with editing your logline is also available.

ScriptForSale.com - Want to win contests and sell scripts? You need professional level screenwriting skills. Offers high level classes on High Concepts, Subtext, Creating Characters for A-List Actors and others. Also, articles and interviews with producers, managers, etc

ScriptNet - A resource for screenwriters and film producers on the World Wide Web.

Script Werx - Software that customized Microsoft Word for writing film and video scripts.

Venice Arts e-Screenwriting - They offer an annual screenwriting competition for both full-length and shorts (in association with Temecula Valley International Film Festival); also an automated Query Submission Service.

The Writers Channel - The Writers Channel includes a Mentor Program; Screenwriting Groups; Pitch Hollywood Executives, Agents and Movie Producers; Writing classes; Resource Center; Audio Interviews; Articles on classic movies; member contributed journals; and Creative Exercises.

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