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BlackSmith Pictures - BlackSmith Pictures was formed in 1994. So far they have  written 10 feature-length screenplays, one is currently in production.

Curie Nova - Author, poet and lecturer shares her books, screenplays and foundation.

David and Irene's Barron's Hompage - Screenwriter's David and Irene Barron give a tour around their screenplay, Hotel California and scenic spots in Ontario and Newfoundland, Canada.

Eternet World Global System - Homepage of a French screenwriter and director.

Eyes of a Secret, Screenplay - Writer, Janet Ross-Pilla's web page dedicated to the award winning screenplay, Eyes of a Secret.

Helix, by MN Norton - Official site for author/screenwriter MN Norton.

IFTA - Information resource site for screenwriters and filmmakers in Eastern Europe. - LAart.

Redoane Amade looking to sell his screenplay - Anybody interested in the other dimension, this is the right one.

The Screenplayers - The Screenplayers was established to maintain a society of talented writers who share a positive, professional attitude and a commitment to success and to provide a forum for these writers to bring their screenplays to the attention of the filmmaking community.

Worst Script Ever - This site is for the script writer who thinks he/she might have a good one. The visitors of the site will review the scripts and winners will be announced. Cheaper than other sites. The site is for the struggling writers out there.

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