Action/Cut Seminars
American Gem Short Script Contest
Action Cut Home Study VHS/DVD

Astrology at the Movies - Online magazine featuring essays analyzing the work of directors through the lens of their horoscopes. Features essays on Steven Spielberg, Baz Lurhman, Ken Russell, Rod Lurie.

DIALboss.com - Everything you need for an automated telemarketing system. Our autodialers and autodialer kits produce results. We offer turnkey solutions for auto dialers. for all your auto-dialer needs.

Groupious Group Online - Specializes in travel arrangements and hotel bookings for shoots in Mongolia, Egypt, India and Nepal. Media and Public Relations in India.

Make-up artist South Florida - Professional, educated and licensed make-up artist. Experienced, in film, fashion and consulting. Production team experience also. Resume and portfolio available upon request.

Qa Camera - The resource for camera!

Portland Creative Conference - Dedicated to exploring and celebrating creativity in film, television, advertising and interactive media. It's an "idea oasis" where imaginations flourish. 

The Official RMS Republic Website - The TRUE (and untold story) of the causes of Titanic's disaster. A REAL treasure, international conspiracy, political intrigue - a prequel.

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