Action/Cut Seminars
American Gem Short Script Contest
Action Cut Home Study VHS/DVD

207 Pictures - The home of the acclaimed writer/director Ethan Hunter and his films

College-film.com - A student filmmaking resource and community. We offer student films, low-budget filmmaking tips, film festival and school listings, screenwriting tips, grant and budget information as well as reviews, articles and much more.

Filmmakers - Independent filmmaking, videography, 3D/2D Animation, and multimedia outlet with experience in film, commercial and music video production.  

Filmmakers Club - Blog by an emerging artist.   

Help Make My Film.com - Follow and participate in the journey of actress/filmmaker Evann Black as she makes her first feature film "Wildflower".

Independent Audiovisual Art Filmmaking Studio - We are independent audiovisual art filmmaking studio with free online short films. Also we would be glad to receive some comments about our work.

Independent Films - High school students present some of their work.

Light and Shadow: The Magic of the Movies - Read commentaries on filmmaking, from writing the script to editing the film, as well as film reviews, scripts and a journal charting the trials and tribulations of making a short film.

Lucas-Entertainment by Lukas Franz Switzerland - Film Productions Switzerland. Movies, Filmmaking, Home Cinema. Learn to make a movie! 

A Place for all Filmmakers and Creative Souls! - A rapidly growing collection of people involved in every area of entertainment throughout North America and around the world. From movies to books they have it all. Some are professionals, others are amateurs. 

Placebo Productions - Independent filmmakers and movie news website. 

Plugged Studios Online - An independent amateur films website. They use digital video editing to make their films. On the website one can find information on their completed and in-production projects.

RobFilms - Non Stop Film Festival - There is no more efficient, cost-free way to get your film seen than by submitting it to RobFilms. We're Web portal celebrating the world of film, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Send Your film to our Festival NOW!

Saed Films - We work in the field of film and TV productions and documentaries. We provide crew for productions and are open to co-productions.

Select Filmmakers Community - A community for filmmakers, by filmmakers. Interact. Chat, Forums, Virtual Reality, Links, Download Screenplays, Play games. 

Son Of A... Productions - An up and coming young filmmaker on Cape Cod. Help support him in his journey to bring culture back to a town that art forgot.

Tao Ruspoli - Independent documentary filmmaker.

Very Scary Productions - The website of independent digital filmmaker Jeff Kirkendall. Primarily specializing in the horror genre.

www.americanstonehenge.com - American Stonehenge Films is an independent company specializing in the production of full-length feature films.

Young Irish Film Makers - Film training/production company for young (under 20) film makers. makes one feature film every year. accepts children/youth driven screenplays.

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