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Before Last Night - Feature length independent movie currently in post-production- completion late November/early December 2002. Looking for distributors. 

Eagle Entertainment -  Film Production Company. Upcoming feature projects: Bounty Hunters, Immortal, Two Blind Mice...

Elephantitus - Elephantitus is a black comedy heralding the tragic life of an unfortunate manchild with...

Generator films - Online discussion forums, view independent films - Generator films online discussion board for indie filmmakers. Discuss film projects and make industry contacts. View and critique current productions in the works.

Lake Films - Lake Films is a Staten Island, NY based independent film production company. Their creation, "The Mind's Eye", is a horror/thriller anthology series for Cable TV.

Welcome to Courage Productions' The Profit - The official interactive website for the upcoming Courage Productions independent motion picture release, "The Profit".

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