Action/Cut Seminars
American Gem Short Script Contest
Action Cut Home Study VHS/DVD

Chatterbox Productions, Inc. - TV/Film Production Company.

CrewPix.com - A Free Online Photo Album for Film, Television and Movie crews to share their photos and stories from shoots. Everyone can view photos, make comments, add their own photos and take part in the discussions. The home of Film Crew Culture on the Net.

Script continuity and Cameraman - I presently work in the field of Film and Television Production as a script continuity and cameraman.

Sean Michael Falkner - Art Director, Set Designer, Muralist and Artist with the Movie Industry and Theatrical Productions.

Stunt coordinator/ actor/ fight coordinator - David Stevenson welcomes you to dstar1.com your gate way to Hollywood north.

Costume Designer - Testimonial: Zohra is a cutting edge, inspiring Costume Designer. She is passionate about the craft, bringing a professionalism and dedication to her work that is rare. She has a great sense of character and works tirelessly with the director, actors, and producer to bring these identities to life through costume. She works from scratch in design to capture the creative vision for every scene while managing her department's budget.
                                                             Cheryl-Lee Fast. Producer

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