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American Society of Cinematographers: - Well-organized, helpful site from the ASC features tricks of the trade, articles, film school information, forums, and resources.

Cinematographer / Director of Photography -   Cinematographer with DVCam, BetaSP and 35mm cameras. Experience in High Def 24P, film, DV and BetaSP production.

Director of Photography - Director of Photography Kevin Cable - 25 years experience with 151 awards of excellence.

Indian Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Videographer, India. - Director of photography is the custodian of the heart of film making
as the writers are of its soul... his tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until he breathes into it his creative spirit and injects into its steel veins the plasma of his imagination.... the product of his camera, and therefore of his magic, means many things to many persons
- fulfillment of an ambition... realization of dreams'.. - Award winning cinematographer with over 20-years experience in features, shorts, documentaries, commercials.

Santosh Sivan - Personal website of Indian cinematographer Santosh Sivan.. An insight into his vision and low budget film making.

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