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Headline News, Screenwriting Contest

MY OWN WORST ENEMY, LLC requested a copy of the top 10 Screenplays 

Michael Z. Gordon with MY OWN WORST ENEMY, LLC requested a copy of the top ten screenplays. 

"Narc" w/Ray Liotta and Jason Patric, "The Devil and Daniel Webster" w/Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin and In Enemy Hands w/William Macy and Lauren Holly


Adam Marshall, Energy Entertainment, Management / Production Company, requested a copy of the top ten screenplays. 

"The Turning" and "The Prom".


EnTheon EnTertainment requested to read the ten finalists

EnTheon EnTertainment, Production Company, requested a copy of the top ten screenplays.  EnTheon has some projects in development, seek other scripts to option and/or develop.


Kaplan Entertainment Group requested top 10 log lines and synopsis

Kaplan Entertainment Group, a Literary Management Company based in Manhattan, requested the loglines and synopsis of the top ten scripts.


Winning Writer Lands a Representation  Deal

Lorelei Armstrong signs a representation deal with David J. Freedman of Hollywood View Agency. Lorelei Armstrong was the 2004 winner in the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards for her supernatural thriller "GHOSTCATCHER".


Samuel Goldwyn Films requested  four winning scripts for development considerations

The Development department at Samuel Goldwyn Films requested the following Finalists in the / Radmin Company screenplay contest for development consideration.




Samuel Goldwyn Films requested semifinalists' loglines and synopsis

The Development department at Samuel Goldwyn Films requested the loglines and synopsis for the top 20 scripts in the / Radmin Company screenplay contest winners.  



The Radmin Company requested contact information for six of the top eleven finalists.



Harbor Light Entertainment options 2003 FilmMakers Contest Winner

As a direct result of winning the 2003 / Radmin Company screenplay competition Christian Parkes got to pitch a romantic comedy idea to Harbor Light Entertainment and they optioned it.  Harbor Light currently has a deal at Paramount with Morgan Freeman attached.


Shoot the Moon Productions requested finalists

Shoot the Moon Productions requested the finalists submit their projects for consideration.

Blye has been active in the motion picture industry since 1997. During her career as an attorney, she represented such companies as The Walt Disney Company, Miramax Film Corporation, and Warner Brothers Studios. In April of 2003, Blye left her legal career behind to produce independent films and currently has two features in her slate. In addition to "Roseneath" and "Never Mind Nirvana", Blye is also currently finalizing the option on a critically acclaimed novel and is developing several other projects with young emerging writers.


Samuel Goldwyn Films requested contact and synopsis of 2003 winners

The Development department at Samuel Goldwyn Films requested contact details and synopsis for the 2003 / Radmin Company screenplay contest winners.  



Whit Rummel, FilmMakers / The Radmin Company Fourth Place Screenwriting Competition Winner, for his script THE SECRET BOY was optioned by KONK Productions and director Chris Koch (whose feature credits include "Snow Day" and "A Guy Thing").  Whit Rummel says " I'm very pleasantly surprised by all the activity your contest has generated...  Almost immediately after THE SECRET BOY became a winner in your contest, it was optioned by KONK Productions... I want to thank you once again for running such a terrific contest - it's really helped make a difference".


Brillstein-Grey Ent. requested five from ten finalists

Jai Khanna with Brillstein-Grey Entertainment requested to read the following five screenplays:



Katzir Productions requested to read 5 scripts 

After reading loglines from the 21 semifinalists, Katzir Productions requested the following screenplays:

The Cretin Bull
My Brother's Keeper
Deep Sleepers
Dropping Like Flies
Jokers Wild


Studio Film Projects requested 5 of 21 semifinalists

Studio Film Projects in search of an immediate project.  The first 10 pages from each of the following scripts were provided, via protected area of the filmmakers website:



Katzir Productions requested to read 21 semifinalists' loglines

*Katzir Productions; a young and hip production company based in Los Angeles. Katzir Productions has secured international financing and they are currently looking for scripts to produce. The company is headed by acclaimed Independent Director/Producer Dan Katzir. Mr. Katzir's films have appeared in over 100 film festivals and in TV stations worldwide. He has garnered over seventeen International awards. His films have been screened in theaters and on such prestigious television stations as HBO, Channel 4 (UK), France 2 , CBC (Canada) and many more.


American Creative Agency requests to read loglines for top 50

American Creative Agency (ACA) requested to read the loglines for the top fifty scripts.


The Radmin Company Requested Contact information

The Radmin Company Requested Contact information for 1st and 2nd place winners.  Christian Parkes for, MY BROTHER'S KEEPER and John Morby, Jr. for SANDMAN.


Guy Walks Into a Bar requests ten finalists

Guy Walks Into a Bar, a new production/management company created by 
Jon Berg, J. Cobe and Todd Komarnicki requests to read log lines and synopsis of top ten finalists in the New Millennium Screenwriting Contest.


CurbSide Pictures request top ten finalists

CurbSide Pictures request to read log lines and synopsis of top ten screenplays. 

New York-based CurbSide Pictures was formed in 2001 to develop, finance and produce feature length films for theatrical release. CurbSide's founding partners, an accomplished producer, a former entertainment attorney and a former Wall Street executive, are pleased to have New York as their home base and believe that it will allow them to successfully develop pictures outside the fray of the Hollywood studio system. Currently, the company is seeking dramas, thrillers, comedies and teen/family oriented projects to be produced in the $3-7 million budget range. CurbSide will consider higher (or lower) budget pictures, co-productions and other joint financing ventures on a project-by-project basis. Although the company is in development on several projects, they are actively pursuing additional projects to build out their production slate. 


Production Companies request ten finalists

VIACOM Productions requests to read log lines and synopsis of top ten screenplays.


Steven Pearl requests top ten finalists

Steven Pearl's first feature film as producer, Attraction, starring Tom Everett Scott, Gretchen Mol, Samantha Mathis and Matthew Settle, is scheduled for a winter 2001 release from Lions Gate Films. However, Pearl has written, produced and directed commercials, industrial videos and two short films including The Dog Ate It, winner of several competitions including an Academy Award for best student film and the DGA young filmmakers' award.

Among a unique collection of projects for his company ImageMaker Films, Pearl 
is currently producing Lone Star State of Mind, for Screen Gems Pictures (Sony), a quirky action comedy in the vein of FARGO and TRUE ROMANCE he found off the internet and subsequently developed. In addition, he is also producing along with Digital Domain, Shining White, a powerful multiple award winning drama that embodies the powers of redemption and re-birth, and Taking Five, a comedy about two high school best friends who have a major falling out and in order to save the friendship, the girl blamed for the disaster resorts to kidnapping the love of her friend's life - who just happen to be the world's most famous boy band.


Cindy Cowan Entertainment joins our team of Judges

Cindy Cowan with Credits like "Dr. T and the Women", "Very Bad Things", "Savior", "Little City ". We are proud to include them in our list of judges.


Cindy Cowan Entertainment requests three of top ten finalists

Cindy Cowan Entertainment, a new production company based in Los Angeles, requests to read three of the top ten finalists. CROSSING THE LINE by Kelly Alan Bancroft, BACKUP by Sandra Cook Jerome, and CATHEDRAL by Anne Mahla.

Cindy Cowan, used to own Initial Entertainment Group (IEG) where she produced such films as Very Bad Things starring Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz,
Savior starring Dennis Quaid, and Little City starring Jon Bon Jovi, Josh Charles, and Annabella Sciorra. She sold that company last year, and has started an indie production company. Her latest film, Dr. T and the Women starring Richard Gere and Laura Dern, an Artisan Entertainment release.


The Gersh Agency, NY request contest winners

The Gersh Agency, New York, requests to read all five winning screenplays.


Zide/Perry Entertainment request two of five winners

Zide/Perry Entertainment request two winning scripts, CROSSING THE LINE by
Kelly Alan Bancroft and THE PRECEDENT by David Bacal.


Lilac Production request ten finalists

Lilac Production (Guild Mgmt) requests to read the screenplays of all ten finalists.


Adam Kline Productions request ten finalists

Adam Kline Productions request to read top ten screenplays. 

Adam Kline produced the film, SHADOW OF DOUBT, a political-thriller for Largo 
Entertainment, which will be released on HBO this winter. It stars Melanie Griffith and Tom Berenger and was directed by Randal Kleiser. Adma Kline Productions signed an overall deal at Lions Gate TV to develop TV and feature length movies.


Axial Entertainment request third place winner

Axel Entertainment requested to read third place winning script, THE PRECEDENT by David Bacal

Axel Entertainment is a new production management company based in New York with Bill Eville (Sonnenfeld Josephson), Lisa Fragner (Fox Searchlight), Riaz Patel (Chicagofilms), and Laura Parker (Clinica Estetico). 
Their emphasis is on new writers and staffing them for in-house projects.


Nightstar Productions requests to read top ten

Nightstar Productions, based in Los Angeles, requested the top ten scripts.


Berg-Saccani Entertainment request ten finalists

Berg-Saccani Entertainment requests contact info on ten finalists.

Berg-Saccani Entertainement is a feature film and television Production Company based in Los Angeles, with a First Look deal at Universal.


Bender-Spink Management requests ten finalists

Bender-Spink Management requests to read synopsis of top ten screenplays.

Bender-Spink is a management and production company representing up-and-coming writers and directors, formed in October of 1998 by former Zide/Perry Entertainment staffers Chris Bender and J.C. Spink. Some of their current clients include: Adam Herz (writer, AMERICAN PIE, EASTBOUND AND DOWN, AMERICAN PIE 2), Mike Mitchell (director, DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGALO), John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (writers of FIGHTING LIKE CATS AND DOGS) and Andrew Gurland (writer/director CHEATERS for New Line Cinema).

Their production side is currently working on two films: FIGHTING LIKE CATS AND DOGS at Warner Brothers and CHEATERS at New Line Cinema (where they have a first-look deal).


Oak Island Films Inc. requests finalists

Oak Island Films Inc. requests contact information and synopsis of the top ten finalists. 

As an independent production company, Oak Island Films often introduces the viewer to fresh new Hollywood talent. Their latest feature, American Intellectuals, proudly introduces Portia de Rossi of TV's Ally McBeal to the big screen.
Oak Island Film has produced and collaborated in over 20 feature film projects. They have a project in development, Evolution, Montecito Productions collaborative project with Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock, DreamWorks. Cursed Part III in Postproduction.


Echo Lake Productions requests five of top ten

Echo Lake Productions requested a one to two page synopsis on five of the ten 
finalists. BACKUP by Sandra Cook Jerome, CROSSING THE LINE by Kelly Alan Bancroft, PSYNPASE by Andre Roman Rivers, THE MYTH ABOUT ROSES by Shannan Leigh Thompson and WALK-IN by Diane Lacey.

Echo Lake Productions, LLC, is an independent film financing and production company with exclusive access to a private investment fund. Echo Lake consists of a loan financing division and a production division. Since its first film investment in October of 1997, Echo Lake has provided loan financing for six films and optioned four others for its development slate. 

Over the past two years, Echo Lake has carefully and selectively built a development slate of five films. Echo Lake has access to a separate fund to invest in development and to make pay-or-play offers for projects on which Echo Lake serves as the primary producer. As primary producer, Echo Lake is open to collaboration with other producers, but must retain final decision-making rights regarding script, budget, and key cast and crew.

Echo Lake evaluates original scripts, plays, and novels. Echo Lake prefers stories with traditional three-act structures, strong themes, and well-defined, strong characters. While Echo Lake rules out no submission on the basis of genre, the company is less interested in broad comedies and stories with frivolous themes. The most important quality of an Echo Lake film is that it be about something that matters.


Nova Pictures requests ten finalists

Nova Pictures, based in Los Angeles, requested contact info and synopsis of ten finalists.

Nova Pictures is a Development, Production and Distribution Company, listed in the Hollywood Creative Directory and the Hollywood Distributors Directory. The company has optioned several books and scripts, produced award-winning shorts such as The Yellow Badge of Courage and distributed award winning feature films including Extraordinary Visitor. They look for quality material in any stage of development or completed projects. They are a filmmaker friendly company that looks for partnerships with other filmmakers. 

Their staff has a vast background in Film/Television production, Film Finance, 
Budgeting and Accounting. Their staff can provide several production services, at any stage of production. 


Entertech Media Group Inc. request top ten Screenplays

Entertech Media Group Inc. request to read top ten screenplays.

Entertech Media Group Inc. is a production & distribution company based in LA. It is made up of: Entertech Home Entertainment Inc; Entertech Releasing Corporation; Entertech Picture Corporation; and Entertech 3-D.


The Knight Company request to read top ten

The Knight Company requests to read synopsis of top ten screenplays.

The Knight Company is a feature film and television Production Company based in Santa Monica, who’s principal, Christopher W. Knight, has been in the entertainment industry for more than 18 years. Christopher W. Knight feature credits include: Producer of THE DREAM TEAM, for Universal/Imagine Pictures; Producer of WINNERS TAKE ALL, for Apollo Pictures; and Executive Producer of HOT DOG…THE MOVIE, released by MGM/UA. The Knight Company will begin production of a feature film, DEEP WATER, in the fall of 2000 in association with New Legend Entertainment.


Promark Entertainment requests top ten screenplays

Promark Group requests to read synopsis of top ten screenplays.

Promark is a foreign sales company specializing in producing action thrillers. They develop and produce in-house and can green light (fund) their films without pre-sales. They produce 4-6 films a year, usually filming outside the United States (as they are a British-owned company). 

Last year, Promark Entertainment produced CONTAMINATED MAN, a bio-medical thriller, with William Hurt; PILGRIM with Ray Liotta; THE ENEMY starring Luke Perry, Tom Conti and Roger Moore. They just finished a heist film with Peter Weller and Brian Brown called STYX. They will be filming THE MAN OUTSIDE, a post cold war thriller, with Armand Assante. Many of their films are 
shown as HBO Friday premieres in the US.


IMMI Pictures requests to read all five winners

IMMI Pictures request to read the five winning screenplays.

IMMI Pictures is a new company formed two years ago by Heriberto Schoeffer. 
At present, they are in post-production on their first feature film, DELIVERING MILO. The film was directed by Nick Castle (THE LAST STARFIGHTER, MAJOR PAYNE, THE BOY WHO COULD FLY) and stars Albert Finney, Briget Fonda, and Campbell Scott. They are currently in negotiations with Sid Gannis (producer of BIG DADDY) on a romantic comedy that is in turnaround from Sony. They prefer comedy, romantic comedy, drama, and coming of age/teen scripts that could be done in the $10 million range.

For more information, contact: 

Jennifer Brooks
P.O. Box 54050 
Irvine, CA 92619-54050 

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