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Steven Spielberg
Producer| Director | Screenwriter

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Steven Spielberg, Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter: Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg is considered to be one of the most influential film personalities of our time, Steven Spielberg is perhaps Hollywood's best known producer / director and the wealthiest by far filmmaker in the world. Spielberg has generated a dozen or more highest-grossing, critically acclaimed film credits to his name, as producer, director and screenwriter. Steven Allan Spielberg was born in 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio...

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Date of Birth: December 18th, 1946
Sign: Sagittarius
Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Education: California State University at Long Beach
Agent: Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA

Phone: 310.288.4545
Fax.: 310.288.4800
Publicist: Marvin Levy
DreamWorks SKG
100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 5121
Universal City, CA 91608 USA

Phone: (818) 733-9787

Type: Motion Pictures, Television, Animation, Interactive Multimedia
Steven Spielberg

Business Contact 1:

Amblin Entertainment, Inc.
100 Universal Plaza, #477
Universal City, CA 91608, USA

Phone: 818.733.7000

Type: Motion Pictures, Television
Steven Spielberg Business Contact 2: DreamWorks SKG
100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg 10
Universal City, CA 91608, USA

Phone: 818.733.7000
Fax: 818.733.7574

Type: Motion Pictures, Television, Animation, Interactive Multimedia
Web Address:

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Steven Spielberg -  Personal quote: "Before I go off and direct a movie I always look at 4 films. They tend to be: Seven Samurai, Lawrence of Arabia, It's A Wonderful Life, and The Searchers."

The death of Buddy Holly has gone down in history as the day the music died. The recent death of Charles Schultz, Creator of the Beloved Peanuts comic strip, has been suggested as the day the laughter died. Fortunately for hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, January 2000 will not go down as the time visual entertainment died. There are many however, that will remember it as the time that some higher authority pressed pause.

It came as quite a surprise when, on February 7th, 2000, a brief statement was released by Marvin Levy, spokesman for Steven Spielberg, saying that an “irregularity” was discovered on Steven Spielberg’s kidney during a routine exam. Surgery pursued and the kidney was removed, although Levy declined to clarify whether or not the kidney was cancerous. Another source close to Steven Spielberg has said that “Steven is fine” and noted that no follow-up treatment will be needed.

After being denied entrance into traditional film schools, Steven Spielberg entered California State University in Long Beach to study English.

Born in Cincinnati on December 18, 1946, and raised in the suburbs of Haddonfield New Jersey and Scottsdale Arizona, Steven Spielberg always had a love and fascination for the movie industry. As a pre-teen, he charged admission to his home movies (which involved wrecks he staged with his Lionel train set) while his sister sold popcorn. At the age of 12, his first production was complete, including script and actors. Just one year later at the age of 13, Steven Spielberg won a prize for a 40-minute war movie he titled Escape to Nowhere. In 1963, at the young age of 16, his 140-minute production of Firelight (which would later inspire Close Encounters) was shown in a local movie theater and brought in $100 profit.

After being denied entrance into traditional film schools, Steven Spielberg entered California State University in Long Beach to study English. Steven Spielberg’s professional movie career began the day that he decided to jump off a tour bus at Universal Studios Hollywood and wander around the back lots. Apparently he found an abandoned janitors closet and turned it into an office. After some time, the security guards had seen him so often that they would wave him through the gates, no questions asked. He would however, dress the part, looking quite professional in his Bar Mitzvah suit and tie (not a T-shirt and jeans) so he didn’t look so much like a kid.

The movie, Amblin, 24 minutes long, led to his becoming the youngest director ever to be signed to a long-term deal with a major Hollywood studio.

Once inside and settled, Steven Spielberg started production on Amblin. This movie, only 24 minutes long, led to his becoming the youngest director ever to be signed to a long-term deal with a major Hollywood studio (Universal). The movie had a $15,000 budget, provided by a friend whom was also trying to achieve his big break in the industry. Amblin won several film festival awards including a showing at the Atlanta Film Festival in 1969. Steven Spielberg was then signed to a 7-year contract under the Television division. Just 4 years later, after directing a diversity of TV shows, he directed the suspense-filled made-for-TV film Duel which received critical and audience acclaim and was later released into theaters.

Steven Spielberg followed up the success of Jaws two years later with his next film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which received an academy nomination for best director. Not every Steven Spielberg film has received acclaim however, as proven by the disastrous failure of the film 1941, his first attempt at comedy (released in 1979). This disappointment did not discourage him however, and he next teamed up with a friend of his named George Lucas. Together, Steven Spielberg and Lucas adapted an action adventure picture based on serials they both loved as kids called Raiders of the Lost Arc. The film earned Steven Spielberg another best director Oscar nomination.

One year later (1982), Steven Spielberg’s next film E.T The Extra Terrestrial became the biggest domestic moneymaker of all time.  E.T. was in fact the first movie to be produced by Amblin Entertainment, a production company formed by Steven Spielberg in 1982 carrying the name of his first big break in the business. Amblin was only a production studio, and worked together with many other studios such as Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures and Warner Brothers. With the Amblin name and logo prevalent, many films became immediate successes and American icons, including such films as Twister, E.T., Back to the future, Gremlins, Jurassic Park, Schindlers List and Saving Private Ryan.

A big challenge was presented to Steven Spielberg in 1985. After receiving much criticism that he couldn’t make a picture with adult content, he directed the movie The Color Purple.  Although Steven Spielberg himself did not receive an Oscar nomination, the film received 11.

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