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18th Annual FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards Compeition


18th annual International Screenwriting Contest


Regular deadline: May 31st.

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2019 Filmmakers International
Screenwriting Awards Competition

To make Hollywood more accessible than ever before to more aspiring global screenwriters, Filmmakers is forming strategic alliances with the powers that be in Film and TV Script Writing; who are in search of top Screenplays & Writers... Filmmakers Championing Emerging Artists.

FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition has been in existence since 2000 (formerly known as The Radmin Company / FilmMakers Screenplay Contest) and its association with the Radmin Company has been going on since late 2000.

Film Screenplays & TV Script Writing Categories


OTHER (script genre can be: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Horror, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Animation, Fantasy, Mystery, and/or Suspense, etc)

Launch Your Screenwriting Career. Enter 2019 Top Screenplay Contest Now! Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition is judged by Hollywood's Leading Film & TV Exec's who search for Top Scripts & Writers.

Awards & Prizes

Top 50 Screenplays READ by
Representation and Production Consideration


A) $2,500 (USD) + 
B) Coverage by Greenlight Script Coverage + 
C) a copy of Movie Magic's Screenwriter by Write Brothers +
D) Emerging Artist Trophy Award for Best Screenplay of the Year +
E) an Official Selection laurel*


A) $500 (USD) + 
B) a copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter by Write Brothers +
D) Emerging Artist Award Certificate* for Best Screenplay in a category
E) an Official Selection laurel*


A) $500 (USD) + 
B) a copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter by Write Brothers +
D) Emerging Artist Award Certificate* for Best Screenplay in a category
E) an Official Selection laurel*


A) Emerging Artist Award Certificate* for 2nd Best Screenplay in a category
B) an Official Selection laurel*


A) Emerging Artist Award Certificate* for 3rd Best Script in a category
B) an Official Selection laurel*


A) Certificate of Achievement Award***


‘Most screenwriting competitions give writers a chance to win prizes and money. That’s cool but what writer’s REALLY want is for someone to make their script into a film. Filmmakers awards prizes and money but more importantly, it gives writers exposure to industry personnel who can actually take the script from the page to the screen. That exposure sets Filmmakers apart.

Heather Ferrell

‘Filmmakers’ was one of three competitions a friend in the industry recommended.

Debra Vance

Script Magazine and HollywoodLitSales comment on this contest from time to time. After entering it once, I was hooked by the professionalism of the staff and by the feedback provided through the announcement of results. It matters knowing at what point your script falls short, if it does. It helps the learning process.

M.D. McCarthy

FilmMakers has an excellent reputation in the contest circuit, and has lived up to it. FilmMakers also offers more than just cash prizes, though we love those, too. Getting our scripts into the hands of people who can make them into movies is the real prize.

Anita Skibski

A lot of the competitions out there are for cash prizes only. was one of the few that really encompasses everything a writer strives for. With FilmMakers, you enter into the competitive realm of Hollywood with the ability to get your script read by professionals in the industry, with the chance to obtain representation. It’s also one of the few forums that does not discriminate on geographical location. The contest is open to writers from around the world so you are literally competing against the best.

Jud Richards

Thank you and everyone else at for all you've done on my behalf so far. I am indeed truly grateful... I'm very pleasantly surprised by all the activity your contest has generated... Almost immediately after THE SECRET BOY became a winner in your contest, it was optioned by KONK Productions and director Chris Koch (whose feature credits include "Snow Day" and "A Guy Thing")... I want to thank you once again for running such a terrific contest - it's really helped make a difference.

Whit Rummel

This is one of the few verifiably good-intentioned, astute and rewarding competitions out here, where there is a genuine intention for the good and favor of the writer. It’s not about taking advantage.... There is a sincere commitment to see the committed writer succeed with the & the Radmin company screenwriting contest. And at best they want to be your benefactor. And at worst, the conduit to your inevitable success. What more can one ask?

Damilola Olorunnisola

There aren’t many contests run by people who actually know what it takes to write a script someone might want to produce. FilmMakers and The Radmin Company are both grounded in the realities of filmmaking.

Lorelei Armstrong

It's always nice (and rare!) to get such positive feedback..... Just wanted to drop you a note of good news and thanks. After winning the contest, I've had a lot of doors open to me that were previously unthinkable. More specifically, thanks in part to the contest win, combined with the interview on the website I was able to pitch a romantic comedy idea to Harbor Light Entertainment -- and this month they optioned it. (Harbor Light currently has a deal at Paramount with Morgan Freeman attached). I'm not sure I would have been able to get the attention I got if not for your contest. So, thanks again for all your hard work!!! I really appreciate it.

Christian Parkes

My experience from last year’s entry in American Gem, an off-shoot competition for shorts managed by FilmMakers, was handled very well. Secondly, based on personal feedback, Moviebytes lists FilmMakers as one of the best run and most influential. The other thing is the depth of prizes. Many contests only offer first, second and third, FilmMakers lists numerous as well as having the Top 20 and Top 10. This makes a difference when you approach someone with your script.

Marc Calderwood



Notification date: 1st round qualifiers notified on October 31st.


Screenwriting Awards Contest Rules & Guidelines

This document (hereinafter "The Rules" or "Rules"), equally and severely. is legally binding upon the parties thereto.

The Rules apply to any writer or writers, Screenwriter, or Screenwriters representative of or representing a Screenwriter or Screenwriters, and/or parent or guardian to a writer / screenwriter or writers / screenwriters (hereinafter "I" or "We" or "He" or "She" or "Submitter" or "Applicant" or "Applicants"), who submit a script or screenplay or scripts or screenplays, teleplay or teleplays (hereinafter "Submission" or "Material" or "Work" or "Works" or "Literary Material" or "Literary Materials") for consideration into the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition (hereinafter "Competition" or "The Contest" or "" or or "You" or "Yours") for an entry fee (hereinafter "fee").

This contest is open to any screenwriter (world wide) except all employees, directors, associates and, the immediate families of:, Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition, ScreenplayContest.Net, American Gem Literary Festival, The Radmin Company, Write Brothers, contest judges, all the affiliates and sponsors.

I have supplied truthful and accurate information in my entry form.

I represent and warrant that the material that I have submitted is mine, I own full copyright. Furthermore, I own individually, or together with those other persons executing this agreement, this work, that the screenplay is free of all claims or encumbrances, and that I have the exclusive right and authority to offer the material to you for your competition, upon the terms and conditions set forth herein, and none of the rights granted herein will libel or defame any third party or otherwise violate the rights of any third party, whether under copyright or otherwise. Furthermore:

Screenwriters under the age of 18 years old must have a parent or guardian fill the entry form read and accept all the terms and conditions of the competition.

Contest applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the jurors.

Screenwriter understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register Material with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writer’s Guild of America or equivalent in his/her country.

Screenwriter  has retained at least one copy of the submitted material, and understands that all material we receive cannot and will not be returned under any circumstances.

Applicant understands that and its affiliates are exposed to many stories, ideas, concepts and other literary materials, through the contest, coverage service and via other means. Furthermore Screenwriter  understands that many stories, ideas, and concepts are similar or identical, and that different stories, ideas, and concepts frequently relate to one or more common underlying themes and may closely resemble other works.

Applicant understand and agree that he/she will not be entitled to any compensation or other consideration because of the use of such similar or identical material, stories, ideas, and/or concepts that may have come to or their affiliates. Screenwriter  hereby release and its affiliates from any and all claims, liabilities and demands that may be made by said Screenwriter  asserting that or the affiliates have used or appropriated The Submission, or any portion thereof.

Script must be in industry standard format, in English and must be between 80-125 pages and no longer than 160 pages. Font must be 12-point Courier, Courier New or Courier Final Draft.

All Work must be submitted online by the Final Deadline and the appropriate fee paid and settled by due date.

FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards / is not responsible for late or lost submissions.

Submissions must be full-length film or television movie scripts in any genre.

Multiple entries are permissible (limit of five per applicant).

Once a script has been entered, no substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages will be considered. An applicant has the option to submit a revised draft of the work as a new submission or as a resubmission and pay the appropriate fee.

If the script is based on a true story, historical or contemporary, that should be noted on the title page.

Collaborative work is eligible. The Screenwriter is responsible for the distribution of the contest prize (s).

Adaptations from other works are permissible (should be noted on the title page), provided the Screenwriter's written permission to adapt the work is secured and available upon request.

The screenplay must not have been previously optioned, sold, or produced. That includes:  any top screenplay in the competition, runner-up, finalist, semifinalist, top film script writer in this reputable top screenplay contest.

Applicant must not have received consideration in excess of $6,000 as a prize in a previous competition for the work being submitted; that may include: an option, a "first look" clause or any quid pro involving same.

An applicant’s single year total earnings for motion picture and TV writing may not exceed $10,000 USD. This limit applies to compensation for motion picture and TV writing services, including the sale of, or sale of an option to, Screenplays, teleplays and/or any literary material source.

Writer understands and accepts without reservation that he/she/ is an independent contractor and is not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state/provincial, local or federal in any country.

If writer is a finalist or semifinalist he/she/they agree to give the permission to post on any of its web sites, the script's logline, synopsis, excerpts, photo, writer's bio and interview (Q & A).

Writer may submit his/her/their screenplay to any other person, contest, producer, agent, and/or organization.

Entering this contest will not limit writer's copyright in any way. Writer retains all rights (100%) to his/her/their property.

It is writer's responsibility to provide and check and keep personal contact information up to date, including a required valid e-mail address, current mailing address, phone number, etc, that writer provided to the contest during the sign-up process. has no responsibility for communications that are misdirected as a result of screewriter (s) failure to provide with updated contact information.

I have read and understand the Contest Rules and the Terms of Use of the Website ( as well as comply and agree full with all the contest Rules and the website Terms of Use. By adding my name to the online entry form, knowing that this is a legal document, and submitting my material signifies that I have completely read and agree in full with all the above terms as well as the website Terms and Conditions. I am taking full responsibility and liability for any and all my actions. Furthermore, I indemnify The Radmin Company and, all the affiliates,, Media Pro Tech Inc., sponsors, agents, consultants, judges of and from any and all claims (direct or indirect) or third parties, loss or liability, whether or not groundless, that may be asserted against you or incurred by you or any of your associates, at any time in connection with said material.


(Digital format)

(Digital format)

***The Radmin Company, a Beverly Hills literary management and production company and they represent screenwriters, directors and writer/directors including Todd Alcott (ANTZ, WONDER WOMAN, SAMURAI JACK), Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio (SANTA CLAUSE ll, BUBBLE BOY), Trey Ellis (TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, GOOD FENCES), Matthew Weiss (NIAGARA, NIAGARA), Michael Lindsay-Hogg (LET IT BE, OBJECT OF BEAUTY), Johannes Runeborg & Johan Brännström (SLEEPWALKER), and Victoria Arch (DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS). The Radmin Company has produced TWISTED for Paramount (directed by Philip Kaufman, starring Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, and Andy Garcia), THE NEXT BEST THING, also for Paramount (directed by John Schlesinger, starring Rupert Everett and Madonna), and the big screen version of THE FANTASTICKS for MGM. 



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