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Masters Upcoming Actioner Contemplates The "Wages of Sin"

By R. Mavers
Feb 15, 2006, 15:25

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CHICAGO, IL --­ TimeCode Mechanics frontman Nathyn Brendan Masters will reunite with indie producer John H. Rogers III to go into production on his second feature "Wages of Sin", formerly titled "Hit or Miss". Masters calls the film a "relentless low budget ass kicker with enough two fisted action to satisfy action lovers here and abroad."

"Wages" is the story of a sting operation gone array and a botched assassination attempt that leaves Johnny "Trigger", AKA deep cover officer Nathan Matthews framed for aiding and abetting in the murder of undercover officers, Tarantino and Rodriguez and for the slaughter of several FBI agents. To clear his name he must go on the run.

Not knowing who to trust Matthews befriends Teresa, a hooker who wants out of the street life. As luck would have it she's got the goods on Nathan's previous mark, up and coming drug kingpin Eric Constantine. Matthews must find the dirty cops, protect Teresa and evade goons, hit teams and an infamous assassin called "Mona Lisa", whose been hired by Constantine to kill them both.

"I want to do something highly kinetic." Says Masters, "I want fans to be able to tell their friends they have to see this film." The actors include,
some of the usual TimeCode Mechanics suspects, such as Michael MacRae, Glenn Dhont and XMA martial artist Shawn Bernal. Mix three beautiful new faces, Cici Foster, Doshia Darmane and former Ms. India Riti Madugula into the fray and you've got all the right ingredients. Darmane helms the role of Jazz, a street savvy prostitute who's grown to love the illicit street life. Foster plays Teresa, a reluctant newcomer to the streets who wants out and Madugula takes on the role of killer for hire Mona Lisa.

To add realism the crew plans to shoot in some of Chicago's seedier neighborhoods. "I actually wanted to shoot this in a sort of Michael Mann
style. I knew what he was getting at shooting the night scenes in HD. The video look adds a certain type of beauty to the night but also a certain
type of grit.

Masters wanted to shoot the night scenes with Sony's FX1 1080i HD camcorder, but couldn't afford the HD or HDV set-ups. "To me that 1080i look is golden and since this isn't going to film we could keep the look unadulterated. Instead we may shoot the exterior night scenes in high quality 60i video, but on the bright side this will allow us to cut back a little on our lighting needs considering the fact SD needs less light."

Shooting is expected to wrap by the end of July or August in hopes to have it ready to sale by October at the latest. "We want to move quickly but
don't want to rush anything." Says Masters, "Especially in the area of post. Our last distributor promised us a lot of things they didn't deliver on, so
I'll have to insure quality on our end and not trust that others will take care of business. I'll have to do almost everything myself."


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