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Florida Filmmakers Selected for Seattle Film Festival

By Rik Tweed
Oct 6, 2005, 17:01

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Bradenton graphic designer Alan McAnulty and Sarasota composer Rik Tweed found a creative challenge after discovering the Stockstock film festival based in Seattle, Washington. "I read about it in an arts blog" says McAnulty. Now in its fourth year, the festival's postmodern mission is to recycle 20th century public domain footage into new works of art and/or entertainment.

The festival organizers select 40 minutes of miscellaneous footage, from TV commercials, government training films and industrial footage to teen hygiene and driver-education films, and send it to participants on mini-DV tape. The challenge is to create a 3-minute film using only that supplied footage. Titles, credits and an original soundtrack may be added, however.

In 2004, McAnulty and Tweed submitted their first short film for the festival, "a fast-paced sci-fi parody," says McAnulty. "I had 3 minutes for an alien attack, mass hysteria, a coordinated response from industrialized society with the final blistering defeat of the aliens in the end. Every second had to count."

This year's entry, simply titled "3", competed with entrants from eight different countries to be selected for screening before a live audience at the Seattle Art Museum on September 25. The pair were particularly pleased to be selected this year, "We took a less obvious path," says Tweed; "3 is a more thoughtful, metaphorical piece; the images are much stronger."

McAnulty is an artist, graphic designer, and photographer and made his first films in high school. Tweed composes for gallery installations, performance, and documentary work. The pair work together digitally on Macintosh computers, seldom physically in the same place at the same time.


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