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By Mark Baranowski
Jun 28, 2005, 19:32

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Charlotte, NC – Recognized mainly for their straight-to-video contributions to the erotic horror/thriller genre, On Mark Productions has moved on to "higher" ground, as the July 5th production start date of their latest film—a comedy-drama entitled Heaven Help Me, I'm In Love—draws rapidly closer.

Comprised of independent filmmaker/musician Mark Baranowski and his wife, actress-model Ryli Morgan, On Mark Productions was created in September 2001, when the couple made their first film, the grim and thought-provoking Despair (featured among the extras on Seduction Cinema's Roxanna DVD, shortly thereafter).

A mere five months later, they released a short film which Baranowski scored and edited himself, entitled Ryli Morgan: Audition. And what an audition it was... Initially released on VHS in limited quantities, the film quickly sold out, and would later become one of the extras on the DVD release of their first feature, Runaway Terror.

Filmed using the barest of resources, this title would nevertheless be praised by both critics and audiences alike for its original spin on the typical slasher film formula, further enhanced by a pounding soundtrack by Marquis (one of Baranowski's numerous pseudonyms) and Ohio-based techno wizards Dubok. Following its release, it was safe to say that On Mark Productions would be the name to keep an eye out for in the months ahead...

Following a disastrous attempt to enter the realm of zombie films with the quickly aborted The Zombie Room, Baranowski wrote Expendable, his most appreciated and requested title to date. Starring only himself, Ryli Morgan, a lovely newcomer named Rachelle Williams, and veteran “Scream Queen” Brinke Stevens, this otherwise standard drama becomes a bloodbath—literally—by the last ten minutes of the film.

Based on the merits of Expendable, Sterling/Vista Street Entertainment commissioned Baranowski to direct a film for them less than six months later, an erotic thriller entitled Sin By Murder. A steamy tale of deceit and double-cross within a law firm, this one seemed to cement On Mark's position in the erotic horror/thriller territory. Secretly, however, Baranowski and Morgan had not only lost interest in making this type of film, they decided that this was a genre they didn't want to become stuck in.

Finally, in September 2004, they released The Powerful Play, a 2-disc DVD collection of music videos, interview footage, outtakes, and a rough cut of the unfinished The Zombie Room. This was to mark the end of an era for On Mark Productions...

Now, nearly a year later, Baranowski and Morgan have reinvented themselves, and hope to appeal to a much wider audience with Heaven Help Me, I'm In Love. Co-starring Brinke Stevens and Lynn (Cat People) Lowry, it tells the story of Butch (Baranowski) and Angie (Morgan), a couple who call it quits but soon discover that they may have been better off staying together. Production will take place in Charlotte, NC, throughout July and August, and is scheduled for a Fall 2005 release.

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Contact: Mark Baranowski
Phone: 704.491.3764

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