Big Bear Lake Film Festival Announces Finalists
By Big Bear Lake Film Festival
Aug 23, 2005, 10:26

The 2005 Big Bear Lake Film Festival screenwriting competition finalists are:

Boiling Point
Drama/Polical Thriller/Buddy Movie
Contact: Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough, Ph.D.

Logline: When NICK, a success-driven American businessman is framed for murder in Guatemala, he must team with TAVO, a rebel convicted of murdering businessmen, to escape ANGEL, the brutal paramilitary thugs' leader. As Nick becomes more embroiled in the Guatemalan history of human atrocities, he must choose his own freedom over the lives of others to save his soul.

BRO (Bull Riders Only)
Contact: Melinda May

Logline: Professional bull rider Brook Rawlins has two dreams. He wants to win a World Championship and he wants to become a father. He's well on his way to realizing his first dream; however, the second one, fatherhood, has proved to be more elusive. In an effort to expedite their adoption of an infant, Brook and his wife, Elaine agree to provide temporary foster care to Tyrell Jefferson, a 13-year-old 'wannabe' gang member from the inner-city, whose gansta-style clothes and tough attitude 'don't mix' with the rodeo crowd.

Prison of the Damned
Contact: Nicole Jones

Logline: A jailbreak goes terribly wrong when the inmates discover that some of their fellow prisoners are no longer human.

The Sphere
Contact: Bradley Cramp

Logline: A secret government weapon--long thought destroyed--resurfaces in small town America, suddenly threatening the entire fabric of the universe.

Underground Run
Contact: Steve Whitestone

Logline: Two adolescent slaves must overcome their personal differences to survive a dangerous dash to freedom on the legendary Underground Railroad.

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