Ohio Independent Film Festival Announces Screenwriting Contest Awards
By Ohio Independent Film Festival
Oct 28, 2004, 09:54

Independent Pictures (IP) has announced the three award-winning screenplays for the 2004 Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards, IP's eighth annual script competition. This marks the third year for the organization's Best Voice of Color Award, which highlights the writing achievements from a screenwriter whose voice, story and characters speak to generally marginalized audiences.

Winner of the Best Voice of Color Screenplay: RIVER STREET by Jacqueline Elizabeth Pardue. After a tragic fire decimates the family business, a husband and wife struggle to give their love another chance. The 1st runner up in this category is SOMEWHERE NOT HOME by Kip Knott.

A favorite both for screenplay submitters and Independent Pictures, the Best Northcoast Screenplay Award focuses on stories that are set in Northern Ohio. Winner of the Best Northcoast Screenplay: AURORA RUN by Tony Davies. A mystic thriller that captures two Cleveland eras. The 1930's Kingsbury Run Torso murders are happening again. Eliot Ness' modern counterpart has to defy history to unmask the past and present killers in the only case Ness never closed. The 1st runner up in this category is HALCYON DAYS by Daniel P. Moriarty.

Finally, the Best Screenplay Award goes to the most overall well-written and crafted story. Winner of the Best Screenplay: THE MOST BIGGEST SLEEPOVER EVER by Rick Fonte. Instead of a summer of US History, Tommy must hide in the Mall of America while he works to clear his father's name and plot revenge on the dirty cops who framed him. The 1st runner up in this category is NOT HERE, YOU WON'T by Jack Kilpatrick.

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