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Script Magazine Announces Open Door Contest Winners

By Script magazine
Mar 5, 2005, 09:33

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The Finalists are:

(In No Particular Order)

Kevin Parry, Good Luck Sunny Jim, drama

John H. Thissen, Sands of Time, action/adventure

Paul Busenitz, The Big Bad Sleep, film noir/fantasy

The Second Round Finalists are:

Jaine Foster-Valdez, Hide in Plain Sight, thriller

Joyce Simons, All the Trimmings, romantic comedy

Kathy-Ann Thonas, Ether's Quest, drama

Eli Joel Standing, Swag, action/crime/thriller

Richard Guimond, Earth Shaker, thriller

Jonathan Holly, Zeke's Drum, family

Ephraim Horowitz, Composing for Sex, romantic comedy

Mike McGeever, Smilers, romantic comedy

James Morrison, Far Across Yonder, drama

Julia Dion and Rasmus Johansen, The List, thriller

Sean Wallace, When Darkness Falls, thriller

Robert Jackson, Killing Sarah, thriller

Jennifer Brasher, Lonely Teardrops, drama

Orson Buehler, Silent Strings, drama

Joe Calarco, Symphony, comedy/drama

Mark Chung, The Adventures of Erin Lancaster, adventure/comedy

Suzanne Bragdon, Crossing the Line, suspense/drama

The First Round Finalists are:

Diane Hanks, Deadly Glow, historical drama

Barb Doyon, Questa, thriller

Alain J. Loubeau, The Executioner's Psalm, horror

Mark Raab, Chad Harley, comedy

Matte Sullivan, V-Rex, family comedy

Ann Metcalf, Puck, romantic comedy

Dan McKeon, Chosen, thriller

Stephen Leach, Bouncer, drama

Stephen Leach, Shakedown, thriller

Stephen Leach, Brothers in Arms, thriller

Melvin G. Smith, Divine Karma, thriller

Sharon Shuster, Far from Normal, comedy

Lizanne Southgate, Dreams of Michelangelo, drama

D. Keith Dickens, Mr. Johnson, drama

Jordan Rivers, High Desert, drama

T. Christopher Wilder, Nothing Personal, Unromantic comedy

Scott Andrew Jorgenson, Skate Dad, drama

Timothy T. Payne, Internet World, sci-fi

Glenn Acosta, Unblanked, supernatural drama

Carl Bradfield, Who Cares (Welcome Home War Vet), drama

Steve Lyons, Saving John, fantasy/drama

Kathleen Keating, Good Behavior, drama

Terry K. Jamieson, Lily, drama

Vicki L. Burgess, My Private Surfer, romantic comedy

Alisha Valas, Thin Ice, sports/media

Cynthia Webb, The Trout Creek Irregulars, drama

Marcia R. Rudin, Promised Land, romantic drama

Michael Baron, Accidental Man, dark comedy/drama

Aiyana Berne, Embedded, drama

Jason W. Loomis, Bonitoes Running, thriller

Robert Hill, Guardian, crime/thriller

Diane Hanks, A State of Separation, thriller

Adam Kleiman, The Perfest Mistake, comedy

Ken Pisani, The Cousins Club, comedy

Douglas Berg, We Need to Talk, romantic comedy

Patrick H.T. Doyle, Next Rest Stop Earth, Action

Robert Ramirez Mary, Quite Contrary, drama

Melissa E. Tackling, Honea Path, historical drama

Rebekah L. Fraser, Love in Ward M, drama/romance

Jason Freeland, My Father's Dog, drama

Erin Holroyd, Running Back, drama

Ruth Godin, In re: Coyotes, drama/action

Michael Music, Which Way to Eden?, romantic comedy

Barbara Wadkins and Wink Roberts, Racing Nellie Bly,

Earl L. Nulton, The Half Measures of the Cannoli Kid, romantic comedy

Alex Hendler, Beyond the Veil, mystery/thriller

Carolyn Haywood, The Angel Gabriel, drama

J. Dakota Powell, The Virtuoso, drama

Kevin Parry, Sticky Wicket, romantic comedy

Arzhang Kamarei, Pocket Full of Posey, drama

Elizabeth Rose, On the Edge, drama

James K.M. Watts, Beckworth, Western

Michael Bucklin, Streaming, thriller

Jim Spivey, The Second Prom of Willy Strom, romantic comedy

Stanley Werse, 1954, drama

Steve Nolan, Sanctuary, sci-fi/thriller

Richard Guimond, Melville's Windmill, thriller

Stewart A. Fergus, The Immaculate Deception, Thriller

Daniel Maratta, Burning Chance, drama/caper

Brooke Smith, The Fourth Wall, suspense

Janet Maxwell, Getting Even, coming-of-age

Ron Schilling, Pink Dress, drama

Arthur Stein, Chicanery, action

Jennifer Wright, Stone Cell, thriller/action

John Einar Brandenburg, Morningstar Pass: The Collapse of the UFO Cover-Up,

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