Academy Award Winners Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor for WRITING (Adapted Screenplay)

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Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor

Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor

(Adapted Screenplay)



Alexander Payne: Hi, good evening. We thank the Academy. We salute our fellow nominees. And we thank Rex Pickett, on whose novel the screen play was based. And our wonderful producer Michael London. Jim?

Jim Taylor: We've been lucky enough to be writing partners for 15 years. Since the beginning we've had a great pair of agents, David Lubliner ...

Alexander: David Lonner.

Jim: And more recently, a great pair of wives. The stunning and talented Tamara Jenkins.

Alexander: The equally talented and lovely, Sandra Oh.

Jim: My mother taught me to write and she died before she could see any of this. This is for you, mom.

Alexander: Also, real quick. We love Fox Searchlight for letting us make a film with complete creative freedom. And last but not least, very quickly, I know I'm going to wrap up, I want to share my side of this award with the cast and crew of the film because we had a lot of fun. See ya later.

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