Academy Award Winner Valli O'Reilly and Bill Corso for MAKEUP

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Valli O'Reilly and Bill Corso






Valli: This is an extremely fortunate event. I'd like to thank the Academy for making my parents so proud. Colleen Atwood for being such a good friend and always hiring me and inspiring me. Brad Silberling, Mitch, Kathleen, Medusah and Tonya for working so hard. And I'd like to formally apologize for all the actors for making them look so unfortunate. But it was worth it, wasn't it? Thank you.

Bill: Mr. Lemony Snicket, don't write any more of these books. They're corrupting our youth. Brad Silberling, I'm sorry you did such a good job in this movie. Dreamworks, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Brad Silberling, why did you have to do such a good job? And Jim Carrey, if you weren't so good, I wouldn't be standing up here. I share this with you, Morgan, Valli, everybody! Thank you.

Bill Corso:
First and foremost I thank my Mom and Dad. For having me and for encouraging me to pursue this crazy profession, when I could have been a plumber.

My Grandparents Sal and Lucy DePrima (celebrating 65+ yrs together) who have demonstrated to me what going through life healthy and happy is all about.

To my Grandparents Joe and Marie who recently passed, I feel your smiles.

My brother Chris who shares in my every accomplishment as if it were his own.

My whole family, both close and extended, for believing in me and my dream. I love you all, we did it.

Mr. Bowen, Ms. Davis and Mr. Rainone - Thanks for taking me seriously in VPA Art.

Joe Blasco for providing my doorway, and for not taking credit, but helped just the same.

Tom, Paulette and the Grimes family, I wouldn't have made it with you.

All of my friends and colleagues over the years that inspired and taught, thank you all: Jess H., Michael Z., Jim E., Kevin S., etc... the list is endless…

What was the quote? I stand here on the shoulders of greatness!

My team, who helped me in creating all of Count Olaf's make-ups: Richie, Russell, Clay, Audrey, Ned, Rob, Bob, John, because of you, I thank you.

Vivian Baker - You were my glue, and I was blessed to have you with me.

Morgan - Obviously, you deserve this as much as I, partner.

Jim Van Wyke - If only every one in film were as exceptional as you. Thanks.

Brad - Thanks for taking a chance with me, I hope we did you proud.

Daniel and Brett - I hope I didn't let you guys down, thank you.

Jimmy Miller and Son - It's all because of you guys…Congrats!

Ve Neill, I spent many an hour dreaming of having a career as great as yours, and based on the fact that I met Jim through you, you've made my dream come true.

Rick Baker - I know how much you hate it, so I won't say it's all because of you (but it is...thank you for opening my eyes to the best life).

J. C. - I should just have them inscribe your name on the plaque because I don't deserve it as much as you do. Thanks, for always striving for better, you set the bar high, it's an inspiration and a pleasure to be around.

Odile and Olivia - You represent Heaven on Earth to me, and I'll always be in awe of you both. I love you...

And finally Ralph Nelson...who offered me $100 to say his name, do you think this will count for $50?.

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