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Roger Mayer



The Hersholt Award is given to an individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry.


Thank you so much. Marty, thank you, for your kind introduction. And Jon Bloom for that wonderful film, by the way. As many of you know, Marty's film foundation has been a leader in the film preservation movement. Just as Jean Hersholt was a leader in the Motion Picture and Television Fund and interestingly enough, he contributed the land on which our hospital, retirement community and Alzheimer's unit were built. So, there's a real connection there.

As for film preservation, I must give credit to the six board chairmen, seven production heads during my 25 years at MGM, who either backed our endeavors or weren't quite sure what we were doing, so let it happen anyway. And then came Ted Turner and his cohorts in Atlanta, who understood the importance of all this and kept it going when funds were pretty short. Preservation and restoration are now led by the studios. And organizations nationwide such as the Museum of Modern Art and Eastman House in New York, UCLA, and our own Academy Archives here in Los Angeles, and most particularly, the Library of Congress.

As I thank the Academy's Board of Governors for this great honor, I want to remind all of you that the Academy itself, namely you, supports film preservation and health care through both the Motion Picture and Television Fund, and the National Film Preservation Foundation. So, we sincerely thank you. And of course, most importantly, thanks to my family, all of whom are here tonight.

My children Patty and Larry, daughter-in-law Jennifer, sister Florence, granddaughters Natasha and Anna, and most especially my wife of 52 and a half years, Pauline. 52 and a half years. And they say nothing lasts in Hollywood. Well, love really does. "Taking Care of Our Own" does. And the art of film does, if we properly preserve it. So, I'm going to keep at it and hope you will continue your support. Thank you very, very much.

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