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 FILMS FOR SALE - Feature Length - "3 Tables"


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3 Tables

Film Trailer

A male prostitute, a hitman, and two gay women walk into a restaurant....

Running Time


100 English


Screenwriter Jeremy Gray Producer
Jeremy Gray Jeremy Gray and 
Raymond Moore


Phillip is a male prostitute who has decided to change his ways and give up the business, so he invites all his clients to a restaurant to let them go. Jake a ex-hitman visits a friend at dinner and is made an offer to come back to finish her husband.

Jefferey, an ex-con has just been release from prison while out to dinner he runs into his ex-girlfriend who now has a girlfriend of her own.
Production Company:

Graysky Entertainment
c/o Abbott & Associates
3550 Wilshire Blvd 17th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010
United States
Phone: 562.500.4888

Web Address: http://www.grayskyent.com
Cinematographer: Marc Milken
Music Composer: Sterling Baskerville
Editor: Pete Aries
Production Design: Lisa Remington
Cast: Michael Cory Davis
Mike Marino
Lindsay Zir
Roe Williams
Nadine Ellis
Contact Name: Nyree Abbott
Contact Phone: 213.637.5632
Contact Fax:
Film Agent: Nyree Abbott
Film Agent Phone: 213-637-5632
Film Agent Fax: 213-637-5646
Production Start: 12/15/2002
Production Year 2002
Budget: $
Film Format: high-def
Film Format Ratio:
Film Sound: mono
Film Video Type:
Number of Reels:

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video yes
Television yes
Internet yes
International yes

Director Bio and Credits

Second Feature film. First film "Shacked up" is on display in Hollywood Video.

Director's Film School

Screenwriter Bio and Credits

Same as the Director

Film achievements / News

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