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Idölle Animation/Short Film
Production Company Contact: Jochen D. Girsch
Phone: +32 2 5119156
Fax: +32 2 5118139
Perl & Schröder
Kielkamp 10
Hamburg, 22761, Germany
Phone: +49 40 8905228  Fax: +49 40 88169573
Producer Director Screenwriter
Anja Perl & Petra Schröder Anja Perl & Petra Schröder Anja Perl & Petra Schröder
Cinematography Music Editor
Anja Perl & Petra Schröder Constantin Christofides Anja Perl & Petra Schröder
Production year: 1998
Format: 35mm
Video distribution rights are available
Film Ratio: 1:1,37 Sound: Dolby SR
Education: Hochschule für bildende Künste
Synopsis: Everything is quiet in the kitchen for the Minicat and the Budgie, when the flower chooses her moment. Under the fires of the afternoon sun, she sings her terrible song. A hellish dream for the Minicat.
Director Bio: Anja Perl *21.1.72 & Petra Schröder *15.3.74
filmmaker, director, animator, modelmaker

Wir, die Tollen, 1995, 2min, Hi8
Flirrulenz, 1996, 2min, 16mm, puppet animation
idölle, 1998, 6.35min,35mm, puppet animation 

Filmography: 1998 "idölle" 
Prädikat "wertvoll"

Film awards: First Place in Animation 
Palm Springs Int. Short Film Festiva
submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for Oscar contention 

Special Jury Award 
Internat. Woman`s Film Festival Minsk, Belarus

Best Short Film 
10. Internat. Filmfestival Emden, Germany 

Best Film 
Satirische Kurzfilmtage Rüsselsheim

"Silver Winner“ in Animation 
Crested Butte Reel Fest, Colorado 

Golden Clip 
Berliner Medienfestival, Germany

Best Traditional Animation 
Animar, Mallorca, Baleares

Third Audience Award 
Bamberger Kurzfilmtage 

Silver Plaque in Student Animation 
Chicago Int’l FilmFestival

3. Prize 
Bad Liebensteiner Film&Videotage

1. TRIXX-Prize 
Video-FIlmtage Koblenz, Germany

Special Prize for best Animation 
Int’l Duisburger Filmtage, Germany

Animation Finalist 
Moondance Int’ Film Festival, Colorado

Best Audio Award 
Next Frame Film Festival, Philadelphia 

2nd Place / Animation 
14th Annual Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival
Web address:
Let's Get Medical Animation/Short Film
Production Company Contact: Sean Anderson
Jon Tojek and Peter Juneau
P.M.B. #183
San Francisco, CA 94114-1600, USA
Phone: 415-861-3591
Dr. Scott
Robb Gardner
Producer Director Screenwriter
Jon Tojek Jon Tojek and Peter Juneau Jon Tojek
Cinematography Music Editor
Peter Juneau Jon Tojek Jon Tojek
Production year: 1999
Format: 35mm -3D
Video: Digital Beta
All film rights are available
Film Ratio: 1:33
Jon Tojek Bio: Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin Jon Tojek studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Wisconsin Madison. Here he taught himself art and science of Computer Graphics using Silicon Graphics computers, Alias software, and Video techniques. Straight upon graduation he jumped into television advertising, then to work for Alias corporate. His last 2 years in Chicago were spent as head of graphics for a large post production house called Post Effects, then back to Alias|Wavefront again in San Francisco. Here he had the freedom and the wealth of equipment in order to create animation, film, and soundtracks. Since first learning 3D and video techniques Jon has always created abstract stories including, Live or Die, Devil Boy, and now Let's Get Medical. Each one shows obvious advances in technique and ability, leading to god knows what he may have in mind.
Synopsis: In summary Let's Get Medical is a 35mm short 3D animated film about Dr. Scott, a professional man who is a failing surgeon. When he goes home at night he is once again the hero as his fantasy world comes to life, medical tools, former patients, and happy organic creatures welcome him back to dance and frolic till dawn.
The concept driving the film is the comfort that one person can find in leading the dual life of two completely conflicting roles thru each and every day. In the case of Dr. Scott it is the tragic loss of lives as patient after patient dies due to his completely incompetent surgical techniques during the routine work day and his complete success when he returns home alone to the secure, familiar, joyous fantasies and hallucinations that keep him happy thru the night until that next stab at work tomorrow.
Film awards: 3rd place award Short Film Visual Effects, Vancouver Effects & Animation Festival July 17, 1999.
Best Special Effects award, Zoie Internet Films Festival (Atlanta).
Winner of best animated short, Animation category, Always Independent Films Festival.
Finalist for Best Animation, Japan Digital Animation Festival - Nagoya
September 1999.
Web address:
Yellow Portable Art/Dance/Music/Video/TV
Production Company Contact: Sean Anderson
The Society Of Abused Monkeys
2277 Ridge Ave
Clermont, FL 34711, USA
2277 Ridge Ave
Phone: 352-243-5557
Jon Hubbard, Sean Anderson, Jon Hubbard
Sean Anderson, Chris Duncan
Producer Director Screenwriter
Sean Anderson Sean Anderson Sean Anderson
Cinematography Music Editor
Sean Anderson Sean Anderson Sean Anderson
Production year: 2000 Format: VHS All film rights are available
A 15 minute film made by using music mostly from Moby ans some from STP to make something like a big 15 minute music video. Includes some stop animation.
Web address:

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