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Manchild Unmasked


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A real-life musical tale of disillusionment, true love, 
and bologna glued to public telephones.

Synopsis: "Manchild Unmasked" positions us downwind of performance artist Justin Callaway and his socially downtrodden alter ego, Frederick Manchild, and The Manchild 4, a group of musicians he has enlisted to help realize his dream of creating a subversive Top 40 hit. Wearing a giant prosthetic baby's head and reeking of rotting fish, Manchild belts out indie pop ballads of isolation while littering the city's public phone booths with bologna. This is all part of Callaway's grand scheme to publicly call into question conventional assumptions of normalcy and acceptance. There is only one thing that can stop him. He can't sing. 
Running Time Language Director Writer
56 m English Ted Jackson Ted Jackson
Production company Hugivore Productions
170 Tillary St. suite #608
New York, NY 11201
United States
Phone: 917-609-4973
Contact Name Angela Foster
Contact Phone: 917-609-4973
Web Address
Producer Angela Foster
Cinematographer Ted Jackson
Music The Manchild 4, Mistress
Editor Angela Edwards
Production Design n/a
Cast Justin Callaway - subject of doc
Ralph Youtz - band mate
Eli Johnson - band mate
Paul Johnson - band mate
Distribution availability  Theatre, Video, TV, International and Internet
Film Agent Angela Foster
Film Agent Phone 917-609-4973
Film Agent Fax
Production Start 06/22/2002
Production Year 2001
Budget $ 40,000
Film Format DV, 16mm, S8mm
Film Format Ratio Beta SP
Film Sound Dolby A
Film Video Type Beta SP
Director Bio and Credits


Ted Jackson is an independent filmmaker residing in New York. He strives to create unique, original stories through a mixture of absurdity and human truth. His next project is a feature comedy titled "The Blue Children". 
Film School attended  Public libraries, movie sets
Film Credits
Writer Bio and Credits Justin Callaway, the documentary subject, is a conceptual artist/musician residing in Portland, Oregon. His bizarre, subversive concept bands call into question mainstream societal assumptions of normalcy and acceptance. 
Number of Reels
Film achievements
Received $5,000 grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, has played in The New York Independent Festival, the Northwest Film Festival, the Midwest Music Conference and Film Festival, and the Hollywood Underground Film Festival. 

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