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Found Money


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Can a nice guy find nearly half a million dollars in 
dirty cash stashed in his basement, keep it... and live to spend it

Synopsis: Steven (Reed Birney), a recent two-time loser at marriage, faces his mid-life crisis in a rundown beach house that just happens to have over $400K of someone else's cash stashed in the basement. He decides to keep the money and face the consequences, which arrive in the form of Linden (Chris Healy), a psycho salesman with criminal tendencies. Quzy Botz (Lizzy Cooper Davis) is sucked into baiting Steven in in Linden's effort to get his money back. Confused Quzy is left wondering which one is the real bad guy all along. 
Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
36 m English David Caras Charles Valenza
Production company Mythic Kitchen, LLC
30 Midwood Street
Brooklyn, NY 11225
United States
Phone: 718-693-2900  Fax: 718-693-7780
Contact Name Charles Valenza
Contact Phone: 718-693-2900
Web Address
Producer Charles Valenza
Cinematographer John Sosenko
Music Iffy, Faux Jean, Ed Chiurco
Editor David Caras
Production Design Marianne Hoynes
Cast Reed Birney
Lizzy Cooper Davis
Christopher Logan Healy
Richmond Hoxie
Irma St Paule
Film Distribution is open  Theatre, Video, TV, International and Internet
Film Agent
Film Agent Phone
Film Agent Fax
Production Start 06/22/2002
Production Year 2002
Budget $12,000
Film Format DVCam
Film Format Ratio 16:9
Film Sound Dolby A
Film Video Type DVCam
Director Bio and Credits


David Caras is a 15-year veteran of video and television production as writer, producer and director of industrial videos and television news features. He is the owner of Electric Image Productions, a video production company specializing in video and television production for the public relations industry. Dave has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater
Film School attended  Adelphi University
Film Credits
Screenwriter Bio and Credits Charlie Valenza is a professional writer and television producer. His feature-length screenplay “The Heresy of Galileo” was a finalist in the Brooklyn Film Festival, a quarter-finalist in the Maui Film Festival and a semi-finalist in the prestigious Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project. He is a writer/producer for Electric Image Productions, a video production company specializing in video and television production for the public relations industry. Charlie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from Adelphi University and an MBA from New York University.
Number of Reels
Film achievements
Official Selection of the International Festival of Festivals in Palm Springs, CA.

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